MN sports history: BIG TRADES NEVER GO WELL!!! Don't f-up the future for Batum!

People can use google or whatever to look these up if so inclined. Anyone remembering the following "big trades" probably will agree that none of these had a very positive outcome:


Outgoing: Rod Carew, Frank Viola (was sort of wash since Tapani panned out and we won WS), Johan Santana

Incoming: John "wa-wa" Smiley


Incoming: Herschel Walker (ruined a very good team that was a dropped pass away from a SB Bowl. Thanks, Darrin Nelson)

Ougoing: Randy Moss (two words: Troy Williamson)


Outgoing: KG (most here should have a pretty strong opinion about this)

There probably have been a few decent to good trades here and there (Jerrod Allen) but for the most part history has demonstrated that "big trades" rarely pan out.

My point: POBO and Owner: Do not piss away the future for Nic Batum. He is a slightly above average player with the upside to be "good" at best. Not greatness like K-Love and all of his buddies. K-Love's comment should remind the front office that he has a generally poor outlook of this team and that D-Will needs to be developed in the case he bolts. Batum is probably worth a non-lotto 1st rounder at most! DO NOT SQUANDER THE FUTURE FOR HIM! Centers are hard to come by these days. Pek is a "good" center. It could take years to find someone as good. This team should be fully aware of this (Randy Brewer, Felton Spencer, Luc Longely, Andrew Lang, Stojko Vrankovic, Paul Grant, Rasho, CandyMan, etc.). While we haven't had great luck with 1st rounders, they should not be wasted! San Antonio time and time and time again manages to make late 1st round picks really pan out. Why lose the opportunity for more risk picks like Wes or Flynn that have provided hours and hours of snickering, jokes, and laughter for your devoted fan base?

I realize some will not agree but it's judgement day today and this is my last plea!

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