Call me crazy

Ive said before, Love+Rubio+Dwight= CHAMPIONSHIP.

Magics have been top 5 in defense for years, I wonder why?
This is where the call me crazy part comes into play, I said in a comment, maybe if we blow up Dwights twitter, it could make him think about playing here, even if its the slightest thought, its a thought. Who knows, what if in the end it works? He probably hasnt seen how magical Rubio is on the court. Ive never seen Stockon, Magic, etc play. But Ive seen the likes of J-will, Nash, Kidd, Rondo, etc. And Id have to say, even those guys didnt have the creativity Rubio has at that age.

Love has complained about the lack of star power, I really didnt think Batum was a star from the beginning. Hes not superb in any area of his game, just avg or slightly above avg. Does that sound like a star to you? not me, so what if we would have gotten Batum? Do we have the patience to wait and see if he ever develops into that allstar?

Ill say it again, we should blow up dwights twitter. Someone good with video editing? Take some clips of rubio throwing lobs, and put dwight at the end of those. If it happens, it would be crazy, but as of right now, I do not want to see another episode of KG.

I do not see any signings that could possibly put us in championship contention. Dont get me wrong, there are plenty of players who could make us contenders but the hard part is getting them.

I really want to see us make as strong push for a couple of these guys via trade,

1. DWIGHT HOWARD Trade: Dwill, Pek, Berrea/Luke, Malcom 1st, 1st, 1st, shoot, give them the next 5 years if you have to, heck trade everyone not named love and rubio.
2. James Harden, this guy would excel playing next to rubio, can hit open 3s, slashes pretty well, and he defends.
Trade: Dwill, 1st, maybe even 2. Given their financial situation, knowing you can either keep Ibaka or Harden, I believe Russel will become more efficient, and Ibaka plays a much bigger role than Harden does. Just my opinion though.
3. Rudy Gay, his game speaks for himself. Trade: Dwill, Berrea/Luke 1st, 1st

Thoughts? BTW Im not a fan of Courtney Lee, sure he will be an upgrade from what we have seen, but how much?

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