Around the League Pacers (20 questions for pacer fans)

As a new resident of the state of Indiana I figured I would write my article about the Pacers. Hoosiers are known for their love of basketball and their state bird is Larry. Many a pregnant woman is also suspected of merely having a basketball under her shirt. Hoosiers love their basketball and I figured instead of giving you some stats and skinnys it would be best if we took things right from the hoosier’s mouth!

I went over to Indycornrows and asked them 20 questions about the pacers ( I also asked two of my pacer loving pals my cousin Jordan and professor Matt. Thank you to all who responded! As a historian one of my favorite ways to do research is to look at primary sources. They aren’t always the most accurate, but they are usually the most opinionated! I thought this would be a unique and interesting way to look at the Pacers. I will put my thoughts below as well.

1. First and Foremost, How has the franchise survived Jeff Forster’s Retirement? Note: some of them got the humor in this question, others thought I was serious.

Jordan (J from here on out): I expect the franchise to fold with in the year.

Matt (M from here on out): He is an important role player. Professional. Veteran. We struggled not having a big coming off the bench against the Heat.

Indy Cornrows (I from here on out): Perfect back up big IMO.

The fans miss him and the team misses his veteran leadership, but he was not a key player so it wasnt a big loss. he was beloved

Survived? Isn’t that a little strong when talking about losing a backup center?

Difficult losing his size and abilities given he was the only other guy on the roster over 6’9". He would’ve had an impact on the Miami series simply being Jeff Foster.

Running with Twolves (and scissors) (R from here out):

2. Who is the leader of the team?

J Granger

M Granger, though not a true alpha. He needs to be Robin.

I West and Granger (They mentioned Granger may only by default etc)

R I think they work well together. This team doesn’t have a definite alpha. Vets like West, Hill, and Granger work well together to lead the team.

3. Is Larry Bird a better Coach or GM?

M He was great at both

I “He had one of the 10 best teams in NBA history and took them to the Finals (then quit). He then GM’d a team with a lot of youth and took them to the Conference semis in a shortened season, without spending too much money. I’d say he’s equally above average at both jobs. Not great at either.”

R I say GM he built a young team with flexibility without using too much cap space.

4. If I told you before the season started that the Pacers would be the 3 seed and lose to the eventual Eastern Champs in 6 games would you be satisfied?

J with the current roster yes

M Hells yeah

I almost everyone answered yes

R Yes I would be satisfied

5. Knowing how the season ended up are you satisfied?

J yes

M Yes

I “No, because we should’ve won that series.”

R Yes

6. If Frank Vogel was a fish would you throw him back, keep him, or mount him on your wall?

J mount on the wall

M Keeper

I “Don’t understand the analogy, but I guess keep him? He seems to connect with the team but he lacks some X and O’s and I don’t like his playing rotations at times.”

“This is the f*cking weirdest question ever. Not answering.”

R Keeper for now, but I really don’t like his offense. Part of it is due to personnel. This team has great players and wings, but no real distributer.

7. If the wolves and the Pacers combined rosters who would be the starters?

J Rubio George Granger Love Hibbert

M Rubio George Granger Love Hibbert

I One guy had hill instead of Rubio, but everyone else agreed.

R Rubio George Granger Love Hibbert (but Pek is Oh so close!)

8. Better PG Collison or Hill?

J Hill

M Tough one I’ll take Hill

I “DC is better at running really fast. Hill is better at not doing stupid sh!t. Your call.”

“Better point guard or better player? Neither is a very legit point, neither get a lot of assists and they dont score a lot either.”

“Tie? Both have their strengths and weaknesses and neither are really PG’s. I think DC will be killer on the right team as a starter but on this team, I guess I will go with Hill by default.”

R They are both great 3rd guards to have (especially Hill) but they are both scoring guards. The pacers need a distributer.

9. Is Granger the star of this team?

J Yes

M (didn’t answer)

I “Grangers status as the goto guy is hanging by a thread a great summer by Hibbert & George or a trade that swings Eric Gordon can push Granger to the #2 maybe even #3 guy”

“No, there is no star on this team, which is a big problem come crunch time.”

R I would say yes but Hibbert and George are nipping at his heels

Let’s play word association. Type the word (or phrase) that comes into your mind when you hear each of the player’s names.

10. Granger

J Captain

M 3rd Option

I Robin, loyal, 3-pointer, shooter, undervalued, takes too much flack

R Tough

11. Hibbert
J Constantly improving

M tree

I no max offer, big, don’t overpay, long, good guy, hungry, Big Roy!, close to dominant center

R Protects the paint

12. West

J Leader

M veteran

I do not mess with, veteran, stink eye, loyal, best, real tough guy, and one!

R Old Man. He has an old man game and I love it.

13. George

J Up and coming Star

M potential

I this summer is important, potential, turn into a star, dammit!!!, defense, future, long, our one hope of being a title contender

R “Long and athletic”

14. Amundson

J Wannabe Foster

M workmanlike

I LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, skip to my lou, surfer, ponytail, energy, hair

R A rich man’s Scalabrane

15. Hill

J Homeboy

M Third guard

I point guard?, 6th man, overrated, huge shoulders, solid nonstarter will be overpaid

R Combo Gurad

16. Collison

J Underachiever

M great back-up

I we aren’t using him right, bench scrub, little, can’t believe he dunks so well, fast, I wish him the best

R Doesn’t give them anything unique

17. Psycho T

J White

M hustle

I Needs consistently in jumper, bust, irritating (in so many ways), big eyes, rugby, terrible and Bird’s biggest mistake draft wise

R college player

18. Fesenko

J Foreign

M Frankenstein

I Polar bear, big, never heard of him, amusing, huge, vodka, must have for the end of the bench

R outdanced by Koufas

19. Grade the Pacers Draft

J B-

M Incomplete. Have to see how plumlee turns out I’m optimistic

I D- B- D- D C- F- C

R C they should have drafted someone with more upside

20. Who is your #1 offseason target?

J Ray Allen or Gerald Green

M Mayo

I Hibbert, Dwill (yeah right) Nash Lowry, Get a PF with upside

R The pacers should have 2 goals: #1 keep Roy and #2 Get Calderon. Calderon would give them the distributor they desperately need on offense. He is exactly what this team needs.


The pacers are a young team with good players. They have solid wings and bigs. The team can play solid D (both team and individually). The bench brings energy and scoring. They also have potential for stars in Paul George and Roy Hibbert (and some say Granger already). As I mentioned above this team needs a distributor. Calderon is the man to get the job done for him and he shouldn’t be too expensive to trade for. Hibbert needs to be matched! You are going to have to pay max money to an all-star center! I think the pacers play good team ball and can rival the superteams in the east in the years to come.

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