Timberwolves Salary Cap situation

First of all, here is what I believe is the Timberwolves Salary Cap situation for the upcoming season. It is based on the assumptions that we renounce all our free agents, amnesty Darko, and buyout Miller and Webster at 600K each. The salaries were taken from hoopshype ( except for Pek and DW ).

Player Salary
Kevin Love 13,668,750
Derrick Williams 4,809,840
Nikola Pekovic 4,837,200
Jose Juan Barea 4,493,000
Wesley Johnson 4,285,560
Luke Ridnour 4,000,000
Ricky Rubio 3,741,120
Wayne Ellington 2,083,042
Chase Budinger 942,293
Malcolm Lee 762,195
Player 11 Hold 473,604
Player 12 Hold 473,604
Martell Webster buyout 600,000
Brad Miller buyout 600,000
Total 45,770,208

Players 11 & 12 Hold are the rookie minimum salaries, that are used if a team has lestt than 12 players on its roster.

At first, I have added to the list the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception ( MLE ) of 5M$. That pushed the total to 50.77M$, and left only 7.2 million to sign Batum ( assuming a 58M$ salary cap ). I thought the Wolves would then have to renounce the exception to pursue Batum. That would mean that they won't be able to sign Roy or other Free Agents, because they won't have the MLE.

However, after reading the CBA FAQ, I realized that the Wolves lose the MLE, because they are well below the Salary Cap. So, they don't have to renounce it.

Here is my dilemma, if they sign Batum ( assuming the Blazers don't match ) their total Salaries will go to about 57M$. In that case, do the Wolves have an MLE, since they are NOW close to the cap and they haven't renounced the exception? Or, is losing the exception the same as renouncing it, a team cannot regain the MLE?

That may explain the confusion about the current Wolves Salary Cap.


I have downloaded the 2005 CBA from the NBAPA site, Article VII ( )

According to section 6(k) ( page 80 ):


Other Rules.


A Team shall be entitled to use the Disabled Player, Bi-annual, Mid-Level Salary, and Assigned Player Exceptions set forth in Section 6(c), (d), (e) and (h) above, respectively, except as set forth in Section 6(h)(2) and (3) above, only if, at the time any such Exception would arise and at all times until it is used, the Team’s Team Salary, excluding the amount(s) of such Exception and any other Exception that would be included in Team Salary pursuant to Section 6(k)(2) below, is (i) at or above the Salary Cap, or (ii) below the Salary Cap by less than the amount(s) of the Team’s Exception(s).


In the event that when a Disabled Player Exception, Bi-annual Exception, Mid-Level Salary Exception and/or Assigned Player Exception arises, the Team’s Team Salary is below the Salary Cap (or in the event that, prior to the expiration of any such Exceptions, the Team’s Team Salary falls below the Salary Cap) by less than the amount of such Exceptions, then (i) the Team’s Team Salary shall include, until the Exceptions are actually used or until the Team no longer is entitled to use the Exceptions, the amount of the Exceptions (or any unused portion of the Exceptions), and (ii) the amount by which the Team’s Team Salary is less than the Salary Cap shall thereby be extinguished. When the Disabled Player Exception is used to sign or acquire a player, the Replacement Player’s Salary for the first Season of his Contract, instead of the amount of the Exception, shall be included in Team Salary. When a Bi-annual Exception or Mid-Level Salary Exception is used to sign a player, or when an Assigned Player Exception is used to acquire a player, the Salary for the first Season of the signed or acquired Contract plus any then-unused portion of the Exception, instead of the full amount of the Exception, shall be included in Team Salary. A Team may at any time renounce its rights to use an Exception, in which case the Exception (or any unused portion of the Exception) will no longer be included in Team Salary.

From my understanding, the Wolves currently ( after buyouts, amnesty and renouncing of free agents ) are not "entitled to use" the MLE, and therefore have enough cap space to offer Batum his contract. If Batum becomes a Timberwolf, then the team becomes "entitled to use" the MLE, and can sign Roy or other players.

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