Open Talker/ VoodooMagic Weekend Top 5

So I figured I would attempt to get another thread up to just spit ball things people want to talk about on the lighter/less important side of the world.

Gonna try a new bit and see if it helps keep the community conversation going. if it's a flop it's a flop, nothing new for me but here are the 5 big VM thoughts for the weekend

1.) Who has the better team if everyone is 100% healthy the Nuggets or the Wolves?

I maintain the Wolves will be better I think Love is by far the best player on either team and Pek/AK/Rubio are pretty much equals with Iggy/Gallo/Lawson/McGee (as in Love would be the additional member of the wolves top 4) Faried is definitely probably better than our 5th starter though unless BRoy is healthy\

what do you think?

2.) Movies: I'm a big action movie fan and pretty pumped for the Expendables 2. Somewhere in the late 90s people forgot to make awesome action movies....there is a stupid quality to action movies in general and the 80s and early 90s knew how to tap into that: leads who knew their strengths and weakness and played to their strengths and played up their weaknesses.....the Bourne movies are excellent movies but made it so we always have to have these highwire action movies that aren't nearly as well done as the Bourne movies, so I enjoy a return to classic action movies

also didn't love Bourne Legacy, has anyone seen the Campaign? That looks okay....

3.) Football: Vikings play their 2nd preseason game tonight....any Vikes fans out there and are you optimistic about the team or what are your thoughts?

I'm hoping for 6-10, 7-9 season....I don't have unrealistic optimistic expectations but I would like to see some noted improvement. Christian Ponder has to look like a professional starting QB by the end of the season....those are my two requirements for this year

Also my Superbowl prediction pre-season is Bears/Texans. As with Canis Hoopus, when I talk NFL I like to try and find that tad bit out of the box this should come as no surprise

4.) Muisc: I'm not a big indie music fan by any means but I love this band called the Lumineers I just heard of.....anyone else a fan? "Ho Hey" is in my opinion one of the better songs I've heard in awhile

5.) General Fitness: I've been much more of a basketball and plyometric guy the past year or so for cardio workouts, but since it's been so nice out this summer I've incorporated a few runs a week into my weekly workout program. notably I've been going on Mission Trips for 3 of the past 4 weeks of summer and have almost exclusively been running. noticed I've lost a few inches in the core region (which is notoriously hard for me to lose) and overall have been developing lean muscle more efficiently. When I go for a run I do tend to go for at least an that's something to consider....but I'm becoming a bigger fan of running than I was previously

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