One more BIG move?

A few times Kahn and Taylor have referenced in the last two days that they have been contacted about one more significant move. It seems to include someone playing in the Olympics. Taylor also said it was a big man.

The obvious big man in the Olympics on a team that wants to go young is Anderson Varajeo.

Doogie guessed what I have guessed on AM1500 this morning that it is likely a D-Will for AV trade.

I am assuming that we would get a pick back (They have two 1sts this year) and that we would send another player(Ridnour, Barea) to balance out salary (Assuming we aren't willing to increase our salary commitments much at all.)

So the question is...

Is this a good idea?

One big thing to consider, this off-season is showing one thing really clearly. Kahn is now the awkward mouthpiece and Adelman & Sons are calling the shots. I think we all are willing to give Adelman quite a bit of latitude.

In 11-12 Av had a Wp/48 of .257

In 10-11 AV had a WP/48 of .219

Yet, in both of the last two years he has gone down with lengthy injuries.

IN his last full season he was All NBA Defensive 2nd team

He has three years left at about 9 mil per year.

It strikes me as a really big Adleman doesn't have time to mess. He is setting his sights on the WCF and beyond. If you have not reads the last couple of articles at NBA Geek, they are Wolves focused.

It would give us Pek, Love and AV as out 4/5 rotation with Steamer and Cunninham in reserve.

With Shved's ability to play point, Ridnour or Barea seem expendable, though not preferable until Rubio is back.

For Cleveland it gives them another promising young star and the 1,2 and 4 picks from last year. The accumulating of several top picks worked well for the Heat, Dan Snyder may be in-if you can't beat em, join em- mode.

Bottom Line: After an infinity of waiting for potential, I am fine with going into go for it mode. This is not at the risk level of Sprewell and Cassell. Instead I think it is another move that gives a better chance to have a contending team for the forseeable future.

One additional note, if the salaries are equal it does nothing to change our ability with Pek. BTW we are at T-minus 334 days from when Olshey signs Pek to an offer sheet.

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