2002-03 Kings vs. 2012-13 Wolves

I see similarities in the current Wolves roster to the 2002-2003 Sacramento Kings, both Adelman coached teams.

SACRAMENTO (2002-03) • WOLVES (2011-12 stats)

PG Bibby (15.9ppg .470, 5.2ast) • Rubio (10.6ppg, .357, 8.2ast)/Barea

G Stojakovic (19.2ppg .481) • Ridnour (12.1ppg, .440)/Roy

C Divac (9.9ppg, .466, 5.2rb) • Pekovic (13.9ppg, .564, 7.4rb)

F Webber (23.0ppg .461, 10.5rb) • Love (26.0ppg, 44.8, 13.3rb)

SF Christie (9.4ppg .479, 4.3rb) • Kirilenko (11.7ppg .467, 5.1rb)

6th B. Jackson (15.2ppg .464, 3.1ast) • Williams (8.8ppg .412, 4.7rb)/Shved/??

Point Guard: Bibby is a better shooter (.409 3P%, but Rubio is a classic point guard and a better ball distributor. A 2002-03 Bibby has a major edge on Barea in all categories. Edge: Sacto (until Rubio is healthy, in which case it’s roughly even).

Shooting Guard: This is the most unbalanced in comparison. Stojakovic was an assassin that year, knocking down shots from everywhere, and has a major edge on any current Wolves players unless Roy can pull together some semblance of his former self. Edge: Sacto

Center: Divac was better passer, but on the wrong side of 35 by the end of the season. Pek is a much better post player and could take out one of the legs of the Eifel Tower with his forehead. Edge: Wolves.

Power Forward: This is an interesting one. Webber had one of the best seasons as a pro, also dishing out over 5 assists, along with 1.6 steals, 1.3 blocks. We all know the season Love had. Edge: A wash.

Small Forward: Both great defenders and do the intangible things that can change the game. Christie also had 4.7 assists and 2.3 steals. Kirilenko is a bit of an unknown coming off a season in Europe after two declining seasons in Utah (stats listed above are from 2010-11), but he looked great in the Olympics. Edge: Slightly to Wolves, if for no other reason than that Christie’s co-dependent relationship to his wife was really creepy.

6th Man. Bobby Jackson was the sparkplug for the team, coming in with Tasmanian devil energy and throwing off defenses. Roy could end up being 6th man for the Wolves, but hoping an improved Williams is a difference maker here. Edge: Sacto. I love me some Bobby Jackson.

Overall the edge goes to Sacto. They were an all around solid team that year that nearly made it to the finals, with a deep bench (Turkoglu and Jimmy Jackson), and they spread the ball around, with four players averaging more than 15ppg. With a healthy Rubio, the Wolves would make it interesting though.

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