Portland to blame for Roy's injuries? Partly!

We may have hit the jackpot if our front office sees this and takes action. A sports kinesiologist has written an article on how he examined Roy's knees. He gave specific instructions on how to extend Roy's career. The Blazer's medical staff scoffed and did nothing. THE COOL PART: This same guy did a similar exam & prescription for Grant Hill, the Suns followed it, and Hill's career is still ongoing. The Suns have been a model franchise for the care & feeding of older players. We should do the same.

Credit for the link to this article goes to poster Simitar. He put it up on the Aug 3 Cuppa thread, where it was buried.

This article is so important that I took it upon myself to do a fan post on it. But let's make sure we all recognize the source -- Simitar found this article and posted the link earlier.

Here's a summary, but go read it for yourselves, and if anyone out there knows anyone in the Wolves front office or medical staff, please please pleeeeeze cause them to read this article.

Summary by timmuggs:

This article is by Zig Zeigler, a kinesthiologist (i.e. sports therapist) who specializes in the motion of our muscles and bones. He does very detailed measurements of an athlete's physical structure, attaches signal devices to joints to study the motion characteristics of jumping and so on, and then determines how an athlete can build muscle structure to overcome weaknesses. As mentioned above, he has been instrumental in 'curing' problems in Grant Hill's musculature, taking a guy who was almost out of the league with injuries and putting him on the court for several more productive years. He has worked with the Suns, who have been noted for extending the careers of older players, and I'm sure we can all think of at least one.

Anyway, the article describes how the Blazers hired him in 2008 to measure all of their players and give recommendations. He called out 3 players that needed special attention: Oden, Roy and Pryzbilla. He gave specific actions plans for each of those three. The Blazers medical staff were incredulous and did nothing. All three have suffered debilitating injuries.

At that time, Ziegler said that Brandon Roy could have another 8-10 years of playing time, if he worked to build specific muscles to support his knees and take pressure off during jumping, landing etc. Ziegler specifies that the exercises must be done with a personal trainer to ensure that the regimen is followed exactly. Did not happen for Brandon Roy.

So now, the Wolves have a chance to help Roy extend his career. Will they do so? If they read this article and don't at least call Zig Ziegler, then we have a major fail in our organization. Think of what this team could be if Roy comes back in the same way that Grant Hill came back. Think of how this type of analysis & advice can help with Ricky, Love, Pek and more.

Please read this article, it is quite long. The reader's comments at the end are also worth reading.

Here is the link posted by Simitar:


A Sports Kinesiologist Weighs In on A-List Athletes

Here is a quick bio of Ziegler:

About Zig Ziegler

Zig Ziegler on the set of tv show I Wanna Be A WORLD CLASS ATHLETE.

With over 18 years of experience in health, fitness, and sports performance improvement, Mr. Ziegler has helped some of the world’’s best athletes find their groove in baseball, Olympic softball, basketball, football and many other sports. In 1994, Mr. Ziegler started his first sports performance training company developing speed and conditioning programs for high school teams in Arizona. Over a 5 year period, his programs helped lead four high school football teams to state championships.

To date, he has done more than 50,000 3-D biomechanical analyses, including biomechanical analyses of the swing of Tiger Woods for research purposes and of the freethrow shooting of Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. Ziegler’s analysis is designed to help foresee and resolve serious sports-related injuries. His efforts have helped more than two dozen NFL players overcome serious injuries to stay on the field including perennial all-Pro NFL Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin, three time Super Bowl Champion Derek LoVille, 12 year NFL veterans Chris Oldham of the Pittsburg Steelers and New Orleans Saints, and NFC champion Chris Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings, veteran NFL Quarterback Stoney Case, and all-Pro Linebacker Seth Joyner, and Jamir Miller.

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