rwt (as) weeklyish tumbler of canis

It has come to my attention that we may need new things to talk about. I figure I can throw these up once a week or so before we start getting some more content (this will help when games start). I will toss out 5 questions while giving my opinions as well. Out of respect for this being a quote "basketball blog" I will only have 1 politicalish topic.

1. Slowbreak did an excellent job of talking about the situation at the 2. I think we all agree that eventually we can't have both JJ and Luke on the Roster. Gun to the head who do you keep JJ or Luke (or neither)?

I keep Luke, he's more reliable from range and the floater! He's a solid guy who gives his all. His hero ball isn't nearly as bad as JJ's.

2. As noted there has been lots of roster turnover this year. Out of any player that played under the Rambis Regime or last year with the wolves who will have the best season?

As much as I want to say Beas and will be rooting for him, I think Al Jefferson and the Jazz can continue to take steps forward and maybe make some noise in the playoffs. I'm interested to see if they can continue to build on the front-court of Jefferson, Millsap, and Favors.

3. What type of plays do you want to see from the wolves this year? Do you want them to run the Triangle? Lots of high pick and roll? Do you want them to play up tempo or slow it down? What should the wolves calling card be?

I look forward to seeing what RA does with AK47. He is a great cutter and I hope to see more basketcuts (along with backdoor screens) in our offense. It will also be interesting to see what happens when we have extra ball handlers and passers on the floor. Can Rubio and Shved do fancy, effective things in the same possession? I hope that our execution defines us. I hope we can speed up slow teams and slow down fast teams. I am looking forward to seeing improved defense as well. Stiesnma will surprise some people I think.

4. Ever sine SnP recommended LC's to me in Kansas City I have REALLY enjoyed eating barbeque (I always enjoyed it before). What is the best barbeque you've had? Also, my conundrum has been lately I have some great barbeque sauce but I don't want to go through the trouble of going the whole nine yards and would like something barbeque quick for a snack. Any ideas?

LC's was amazing and I really enjoy Kansas City style sauce. Also Sweet Baby Ray's is really cheap and tastes quite good.

5. If you watched Romney's speech. Do you think he accomplished what he needed to do in the speech? NOT did you agree with what he had to say etc

I think he talked a lot about the economy which is what he needed to do. Any day when the campaign isn't focused on the economy is a lost day for him. The point about the highlight of someone supporting Obama was a good line (however I doubt most of his supporters feel that way). He made himself a little more personable, but no one is going to feel warm and fuzzy about him. He did a good job at focusing on the days at the beginning of Bain Capital and not where it is today. It is still an uphill climb and many people still view him as a slimy rich guy.

What say you?

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