From 1 to 35,535: Expansion Draft Flashback

As we slowly climb the minutes-played list of Timberwolves, we go from the generically named Jim Thomas to the even more generically named Steve Johnson. Do you recall his 17 minutes for MN during their first season? There are perhaps 3-4 neurons left in my skull that still have a tenuous grasp of that memory.


John Stevenson - wait, make that Steve Johnson - does hold the NCAA record for single season FG percentage: an amazing 74.6% (Oregon State, 1980-81). He led the NBA in personal fouls twice and was an All Star for Portland in 1988. The dude didn't appreciate being taken by the Wolves in the expansion draft and only played four games for MN before being traded to Seattle. His ten-year pro career ended soon thereafter.

After the jump: How many players from that expansion draft can you name? And how many will you recognize when you read the list?

First of all, let's review the draft itself. The Wolves and the Magic got to pick a total of 23 players, one from each team other than the Heat and the Hornets, both one-season old franchises at that time. Each established team got to protect eight players. There was a coin flip to determine who picked first (and thus got 12 players instead of 11). Did the Wolves win this toss? Of course not.

The compensation was that MN got to pick 10th in the 1989 NBA Draft, Orlando 11th. The Wolves took Pooh Richardson, the Magic Nick Anderson.

So - who did MN take in the Expansion Draft?

Rick Mahorn - didn't report to MN, traded to the 76ers for a #1 pick and two #2s.

Ty Corbin - Only pick to play more than one season for MN (2.5 years).

Steve Johnson - See above.

Brad Lohaus - Played one season for MN. Traded for Randy Breuer.

David Rivers - Never played for MN.

Mark Davis - Never played for MN. Wolves agreed to pick him from Milwaukee in exchange for a #2 pick.

Scott Roth - Played one season for MN.

Shelton Jones - Never played for MN.

Eric White - Never played for MN.

Maurice Martin - Never played for MN.

Gunther Behnke - West German. Never played for MN. Could have been the proto-Pek!

Expansion drafts are fun because they're so rare. Were you able to name any of these guys before looking at the list and/or did you recognize their names? Scoring chart below:

0 correct - Wes Johnson level.

1-4 - Anthony Tolliver level.

5-8 - Luke Ridnour level.

9-10 - K-Love level.

All 11 and you spelled "Behnke" correctly - You, sir (or PDGirl), are a Unicorn!

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