A weeklyish tumbler of Canis with rwt(as)

Here are 5 things for us to discuss this week:

We just had a pep rally for some standardized tests our school has to take. I played ACDC "Thunderstruck" and The White Stripes "7 Nation Army." We had a gameshow skit about how to prepare for tests. It was a fun time and much better than having to take standardized tests without a pep rally. This leads to a few questions....

1. When in your wolves fandom have you been asked to get excited about something you knew was actually going to be boring and lame?

I was really excited about Mike Miller. I remember in the season preview that year in SI the "scout" said, "There isn't a harder worker in the NBA than Mike Miller. He will be a great asset." Ha! that didn't quite work out.

2. What is the strangest excuse you've ever had for a pep rally or the like?

I would have to say that standardized tests would be the strangest excuse. However, I love getting excited! Even if it is for something lame. Sometimes the key to life is getting extra excited about the little things.

3. What is a great prank you have played on a coworker?

I'm a huge fan of the office so I would love to pull some Dwight and Jim style pranks. But alas, a small parochial schools isn't the best environment for that. However, I had to cover for the 2nd grade teacher for a few minutes earlier today. Her students were working on handwriting. I had her students ask when she got back, "Mrs. Smith, why do we learn handwriting in an increasingly computerized age?" Sadly increasingly computerized age was a bit difficult for them.

4. Is there a strange way you try to incorporate the Wolves in your life?

In math the students are learning about the distributive property. To show the students how it works I used the expression 9(42+14x)

5. What is your favorite pump up music?

TobyMac and the White Stripes are my favorites. However, when my little brother was in 8th grade before every basketball game he listened to Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out." When my mom saw the music video and heard them say "Take me out" she replied, "No thank you." However, the song must have grown on her because later that year when she had to go into surgery for breast cancer she played the song to get pumped up (She's in full recovery now).

What say you?

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