Women Reading Rubio

Here's another stab at stimulating conversation. Something I don't seem to be very good at.

I guess yesterday was a pretty monumental day in my life. I'm pretty laid back, so I usually don't think about things that way. My daughter got married. She is the most fabulous daughter in the entire world. (Yeah, I know, but nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. I state this knowing Galileo's Virginia began her letters to him with the salutation, "Most Beloved Lord Father,"and she was a nun!) It was also my last day working for a company that has employed me for seven years. A small family owned holding company that had once run eight businesses, saw its last go under. We stacked what was left of a lifetime of hard work and dreams in a few odd trailers and a conveniently cleared wooded lot for the retirement aged owners. So until I convince myself that I'm not just on vacation and make some phone calls, I'm unemployed. It's a gas, it just doesn't pay very well. At any rate, I'm in a reflective mood and I've got time.

My amazing little strong (like Pek) willed daughter, now over thirty, graduated from high school and fell in love with my now son-in-law the same summer that my mother lost a ten year battle with cancer. She's a care taker and when her mother divorced me and I moved far enough away, she followed along to a place just far enough away to watch over Dad. We are huge buddies through very little effort on my part. I tried very hard with mother and wife but never lived up to expectations, I guess (Although you might have to ask them because I've never really figured it out.) Both are/were wonderful women.

Because so much more than basketball gets discussed on CH, my first question is, How do you think more female imput/energy would effect the discourse here? Does basketball nerdery preclude the possibility?

I'm sure many of you have studied the Wolves upcoming schedule. I'm feeling two preeminent breaks. With Rubio/without Rubio, and easier until February then very tough. How do you think overlaying these two factors effects the win/lose totals? If they struggle early, can they recover? If they do well early might they still falter later on?

I know many of you share my feeling that when the Unicorn is running the show, the Wolves have a special magic. I know they will begin the season without him. I don't think the results will be as disastrous as they were at the end of last season, but I dread the sensation that something is missing. For some time I've been searching for a metaphor. Here's a dumb one, Without Rubio, the Wolves are like a hotdog without ketchup. I know you can do better. Without Rubio, the Wolves...

A political touch point: The middle class, Where does it begin? Where does it end?

Because there is never too much music discussion for me: Where/when do you listen? and How much do you listen? (I primarily listen through my stereo sound system to playlists I build on Rhapsody. For most of my life about eight hours a day.) Are there songs you have to hear in certain circumstances or on certain occasions? Are there songs that just go together? After you listen to one do you have to listen to the other? Is there a song that's been stuck in your head forever? I had a melody come back to me yesterday, that I haven't been able to recall for years. Before that it was stuck there for decades but I could never match it with words or a title.

I'm pulling for Jeremy Lin, he seems like a good fella. Now that he's been freed from New York and the future it would have destined, I hope he blooms. How about you?

Finally, how's your reading? Internet writing has been much criticized, but I'm wondering how well we read. I've always been a slow reader. When I read literature, I like to feel every word roll on my tongue. I can't say I do that when I read here. I really go into overdrive when I read linked material. I notice how we often ignore the main point of a comment and go off tangentially. I'm not saying this is wrong, I'm just wondering how much we miss. Is this as disrespectful as being more overtly graceless?

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