A Heads Up

I've got an idea I've been kicking around for a while. I want to put a post up for a Canis Hoopus angry rant contest. That's right, a blow off some steam, get it off your chest, blast the bastards, no holds barred rant fest. The inspiration and some ideas after the jump.

Back in the '70s when I was living near Dinkytown and working for a metals distribution outfit that had a state of the art computer room full of mainframes and another room full of key punch gals; Garrison Keeler did his first Prairie Home Companion show, but was still on the fledgling MPR every morning. Lake Wobegone was Jim Ed Poole's hometown and Garrison didn't sing. From somewhen in this distant memory world he staged an on air angry letter writing contest in honor of fighting Bob LaFollette's birthday. As I recall he put a word limit on it and the stated object was for the letter writers to work in as many objects of outraged disgust and disdain as possible.

I propose to do the same, the morning after the Wolves first regular season loss (Providing 82-0 proves a bit overly optimistic.) The way that this would work is the writer would vent a rapid fire tirade about his neighbor's dog, the price of hamburger and Derek Jeter's smug mug, etc. The heads up is so you can start a mental collection of everything that pisses you off.

I'm thinking a word limit is unnecessary and I've been considering some other loose rules but I'm open to suggestions. Here are a few guidelines and restrictions I'm considering.

1.) No nasty dissing of other posters.

2.) Clean language, be inventive not vulgar. Made up words are encouraged (Just because I love these.)

3.) Bonus points will be given to rants written in non-english native tongues and google translated. (Yep, I love these too.)

4.) It should be dedicated to someone other than Bob LaFollette because his birthday is in late spring. Who?

5.) Number of recs will determine the winner.

What do you think?

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