ESPN's #NBA Rank and our beloved Wolves

I'm guessing most of you have seen that ESPN and the TrueHoop network are, once again, ranking the top 500 players in "our league" counting them down on twitter...

While this isn't too exciting, I can't help but check each day for Wolves players and the tweet that may accompany the rank. While I'm definitely biased towards the Pups, I'm also realistic. Just thought I'd get a thread going in regards to Wolves Rankings. Feel free to add players and speak your mind on anything in particular.

Thus Far:

1. Malcolm Lee-404 Last year's rank-429

2. Alexey Shved-353 Last Year's rank-NA

"#NbaRank @NBAonESPN Shved proved for Russia that he can lead a team. Another PG for David Khan."

3.Dante Cunningham-298 Last year's rank-311


Dante Cunningham is a gritty bench post player. Any team could use a guy like him #NBARank"

4. Anthony Tolliver-289 Last year's rank-289


#nbarank @NBAonESPN @ATolliver44 at 289, is probably the happiest and most humble guy in the nba."

5. Greg Stiesma-270 Last year's rank-NA


There are few self-evident truths in this world: one of them is that Jared Jeffries isn't a better player than Greg Stiemsma #NBARank"

6. Luke Ridnour-194 Last year's rank-182

"#NBArank 194: Luke Ridnour.…"

Mike Welch @MikeWelch11

@NBAonESPN One of the NBA's good guys, and a better than adequate backup PG #NBArank"

7. Brandon Roy-145 Last year's rank-59


Roy at 145 is a tough call. Dude has bad/no knees & has not played in a year. But when he was at his prime he was a beast #NBArank"

8. Derrick Williams-139 Last years rank-196

"Jamison Beuerman @jbeuerman

Derrick Williams that high? did this list get mixed up with the one from the 2011 draft combine? #NBArank"

9. Jose Juan Barea-134 Last years rank-92


Is 4.97 JJ Barea's score in #NBArank, or his height in feet?"

10. Chase Budinger-133 Last years rank-170


I'm not sure how Chase Budinger is ranked 19 spots higher than the guy who took his spot in the starting lineup, Chandler Parson. #nbarank"

11. Nikola Pekovic-105 Last years rank-395


Wait, you guys didn't give Nikola Pekovic a 10 in #NBARank? Good luck when this comes to your door."

12. Andrei Kirilenko-79 Last years rank-90


Apparently ESPN watches the Olympics. Andrei Kirilenko's rank would be 100 spots lower if it weren't for his London performance #nbarank"

13. Ricky Rubio-47 Last years rank-204


@NBAonESPN Ricky Rubio coming off an amazing rookie season even with the injury, will help the Wolves make the playoffs this year. #NBARank"

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