2 Quick Trades and We're Done!


1.) As stated countless times the team needs a defender down low that can complement Kevin Love.

2.) We are in very real danger of losing Pek for nothing if a single team out there believes he's worth more than we feel he is worth. Kahn has already stated he will not match a max offer for him.

3.) Our 3 point shooting is atrocious (worst in the league).

4.) We have no consistent, reliable answer at SG right now... although Shved is making a very good case for himself while being more than capable of playing back up PG.

5.) There is nobody capable of relieving Kirilenko, making it necessary to play him way too many minutes.

Solutions - 2 simple trades

I would absolutely hate to see Pek leave but the Wolves need to do what's best for the team and if we can't afford Pek then we need to do something before the trade deadline. A straight up trade for Varajao with Roy's salary thrown in to make the trade work sounds great for both teams if you ask me. Cleveland can afford too build around Pek and we get a veteran that seems to fit our team to a T.

Derrick Williams and Greg Stiemsma (draft pick perhaps?) for Jared Dudley & Jermaine O'neal

I would absolutely love to see this one go down. There's even an article on the Suns blog about this kind of trade: It looks like the fans are willing to tank the season already and build for the future so I think this trade could be in their best interests.

Dudley's stats say that he's top 2 or 3 defensive players at his position and of course he's a fantastic 3 point shooter on a terrific contract. Check out his RAPM stats: He could even help to spell Kirilenko effectively at SF.

We could throw in Stiemsma as a young developing center and take back Jermaine O'neal since a re-building team would would have very little use for a player like him. Check out his effectiveness on defense in the minutes he's played this year: He could fill in for the role we had envisioned for Steimsma at a fraction of the price.

Now tell me where the flaws are in this because it almost seems too good to be true.

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