Wolves to be granted injury exception by the NBA.

With all of the dark voodoo magic that seems to be surrounding this season's Timberwolves team, a little bit of good news might finally go a long way. Here's the latest from the Timberwolves PR Twitter account:

It seems even David Stern and the NBA is taking pity to the luckless Minnesota team. The usual procedure behind an injury exception works quite differently. A team is allowed to declare an injury exception if they declare the player that they are replacing ineligible for the rest of the season (much like the Injured Reserve in the NFL). However, there are some unique stipulations placed upon this move. Since the team is more or less swapping out one player for another, the CBA states that team can only use 50% of the original player's contract to pay the new one. The player in this situation is 2nd year player Malcolm Lee who is still on his rookie guaranteed 3-year contract (a rare situation for a 2nd round draft pick) and will be making a cool $500,000. According to, the minimum contract that can be given out is for $473, 604. But due to the previously mentioned "50% rule", the most the Wolves have to offer a player is $250,000.

After being placed in this tough situation, the NBA then gave Minnesota an exception due to extenuating circumstances. The actual logic was this:

But do not think of this as the move that saves the Wolves' season. Rather, it's more of a band-aid to help remedy a team that has been getting blown out of the water against even meager opponents. With Shved and Pekovic both getting injured the last game versus the Clippers, things are taking an even bigger turn for the worse.

***Some quick post-article notes***

  1. Here is everything you need to know about the newest Timberwolf Mickael Gelabale, who's name I still don't know how to pronounce, courtesy of the very talented Ben Beecken.
  2. Malcolm Lee recently underwent not one, but two surgeries in New York City these last few days.
  3. There will be a special running injury list for our readers to help keep track of the ridiculous amount of injuries that this team has been cursed with.

As always, feel free to check out our sister blog DunkingWithWolves!

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