Nikola Pekovic "Man of Stone" - Third Best Centre on the Planet

Hello again TWolves fans! You may rememebr last season I posted a few translations of interviews and news articles in the Serbian and Montenegrin media featuring Nikola Pekovic. There hasn't really been anything of interest this season yet, hene my lack of posts for 2012-13. However on New Years Day I spotted an interesting short interview with Pek in the Serbian Sports Daily, "Sportski Zurnal" (Sporting Journal in English) which I thought Wolves fan may be interested to read.

As previously, the article has been translated from the original Serbian into English to the best of my ability. Any errors are my own. And please excuse the British-English spelling on Centre!

Nikola Pekovic "Man of Stone" - Third Best Centre on the Planet

December 26 2012 - Houston beats Minnesota in the Target Centre. We check the stats and note that James Harden has had another impressive contribution which somewhat explains the Houston victory.

However, checking further down the stats and we are in shock! N. Pekovic – 2 pts, 1-7 FGs, and 7 REBS. Impossible! We are so shocked we must discover the reason for this statistical anomaly.

We discover that during the 2nd Quarter, Minnesota’s centre went to the locker room and did not return to the court for a long time. Therefore, something was not in order. This was immediately clear, since in question is one of the top 30 scorers in the NBA, a lad who is in the top 20 rebounders, and the player with the highest field goal percentage – simply, Nikola Pekovic!

“I suddenly got sick and quickly left for the locker room. While there I had two transfusions and later returned to the game. All of a sudden things felt tough for me and I couldn’t play. Everybody’s sick, its contagious and in time it took me out too.” Pekovic explains away the mystery when speaking to us half an hour after waking up following the loss to Houston.

One thing that remains unclear to us, however, is what kind of virus is this that can put down the “man of stone”. However, we turn the conversation to more worthy themes – the whole first third of the NBA season has been a place in the sun for Pekovic. “What can I say? I really feel good. I had a somewhat poor start, however after that everything came into its place. I must admit, perhaps even better than I expected! I’m really pleased that the coach has so much faith in me.”

Kevin Love absolutely is the number one star on the Timberwolves. However, Pekovic does not hide the fact that praise has been coming to the whole team. He doesn’t say, although we know, most of the letters of praise have been arriving to his address. “They have been arriving – of course – people are aware. Generally, in the whole team, everybody has been satisfied with what we have been showing.”

“I remember – in my first season we had a total of 15 wins! Next season we had only 17… Now out of 26 games we are at 500. And we could have been even better – it’s a pity. However we will keep fighting."

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