A defense deficit disorder

Kevin C. Cox

The Timberwolves lose another game with another one-way performance

If there's one thing I don't particularly like about football, it's how most of the players basically only do one thing, and only do it on one side of the ball.

Quarterbacks throw. Running backs run. Tackles tackle. That's it. The end. And sure, every once in a while AP might wide out on a receiver route, or Ponder might attempt to use his legs. But basically, you do what your position title says, and that's all there is to it.

So...maybe Terry Porter mistakenly think's he's Bill Musgrave. (or maybe he still thinks he's coaching the Suns....?)

For the 6th time this month, the Timberwolves have allowed their opponent to shoot at least 50%. This, after the Wolves spent November and December in the top 12 in OPP FG% (we're down to 18 now...) Utah: 50%. New Orleans: 52%. San Antonio: 56%. Dallas: 60%. Atlanta shot 50% against the Pups two weeks ago, and then ripped through the Timperbups' second half 'd' to the box score of 57% today like they were the Changlorious bastards and we were guarding a pillow fort.

The Timberwolves are the NBA's Starburns. What is this, I don't even??

'Sota shot 48% today. They held court on the glass. They won the turnover battle. They won the FT battle. But they committed too many stupid mistakes and got burned by too many journeymen with birds on their jerseys, and lost the pillow fight.

Look, it's not like there aren't some reasonable explanations here. Injuries and new faces make communication and building trust hard. And Terry Porter isn't the head coach. But at some point, this team needs to examine itself and figure out why this is happening, because it wasn't happening when the year began, and the playoffs are a lost cause if it continues.

C'mon guys. Play both quarters; play both ends of the floor.

  • The Wolves went into the lockers at halftime with a 14 point lead and apparently forgot to come back out. Outscored by 22 in the second half.
  • Andrei Kirilenko kept on keepin' on with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists (and a cagey 4 point play) but those 6 turnovers really hurt.
  • Tough call on Cunningham the play after AK's 4 pointer. I dunno....he took down Teague hard, but he was still clearly going for the ball. The league's gotta protect it's players, but this seems like a case of overreaction to a legit block attempt.
  • Johnson and Jellybelly continued their crazy shooting, going a straight 5-5 combined. Their sitting at 75% from the field so far....37 points on just 12 FG attempts.
  • Shame CJ picked up fouls so quickly though. He would have been useful at the end of this one. Horford wasn't stopped by anyone that got thrown at him, but Johnson had the most success. He's also already become an allyoop favorite for the point guards. Well, I guess that's what we get for signing the guy with only Steimsma to show him the ropes...
  • And Horford is a beast. I'm guessing (and I've heard whispers...) that the Hawks are more than likely going to trade JSmoove next month....or even let him walk this summer....and play Horford full time at power forward from now on. Can't really fault them there.
  • Williams had trouble dealing with Horford's brute strength in the post, but his offense is starting to come together. He's even slowly but surely fixing the wind-up problem. He got in a great dunk off a fake-and-drive from the three point line, then was quick enough to outrun the defense and throw down at the halftime buzzer (although he gave me a mini-heart attack when he doubled over afterwards...seriously, no more injuries...)

  • Kyle Korver isn't even starting anymore!! They underappreciate you Kyle. Come to Minnesota, we'll cheer your every three.
  • You're daily not-a-Wolf bullet of the wrap? Tim Duncan. 24 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists, W over the Sixers. He's 36 years and his points, rebounds, assists, PER and WS/48 have gone up for three years now. He's 36. And they're going up. What the what??

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