MIN-WAS Musical Preview: We're off to see the Wizards

I lived in DC for more than a decade. While it was pleasant enough, I can't say I've missed it for a second since moving on. Part of the reason was the creative scene there paled compared to other places I've lived: the Apples Big and Mini; Austin; LA. Too many lawyers and politicos and lobbyists. Nearby Baltimore, though much smaller, was more vibrant when it came to music and film.

So I don't have many fond musical memories of Chocolate City - or for suburban Maryland and northern Virginia - all fair game for this thread. But looking at DC I can think of a couple of hard core bands you fellows are likely to bring up. And looking into the past a little deeper, there are some true greats from various genres who grew up playing in the nation's capital.


How about a guy so great they named a bridge over Rock Creek Park after him?



This guy is such a great picker you'd think he was from Georgia or Texas or Tennessee, but he's a DC Boy:


Not sure what genre would best define this, but it's a duet between the Godfather of Go-go and a songstress who sadly enough did not gain wide popularity until after she died at 33 from melanoma:


After Kirby Puckett won Game 6 of the 1991 World Series with a walk-off home run, Jack Morris was set to pitch Game 7 the next day. His quote to the assembled media? ""In the words of the late, great Marvin Gaye, 'Let's get it on.'" Indeed he did.


Nobody did it better. And did you know that he wrote one about a Minnesota icon?

Which reminds me, I do have one lasting musical memory from my DC days. I was at Congressional Cemetery helping spruce up the landscaping when I heard a marching band. Walking over to the source of the sound, I found John Phillip Sousa's grave, where a high school group was paying melodious tribute. Evidently, it's a unique pilgrimage that happens on a regular basis. I felt lucky to witness one such occurrence.

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