We gotta stay positive

Okay, despite my depressing Wolves thoughts after Kevin's latest injury I just can't give up on this season just yet. Dammit! I don't want to scour draft opportunities!

So, what can POBO/RA do? Rumors will linger about Varejao and Pau, I suppose, but I don't think either of those two help us while Kevin is out, mainly because I feel like the players to give to get would simply be deck-chair rearranging at this point. No point to the move, in other words.

But can something be done? Last night Dave Benz (of all people) tweeted that POBO admitted to more urgency to make some moves. Okay. The trade deadline can't be waited out. Playoff ships may have sailed by then. So, how can this team improve around the edges?

1. Trade JJ for Dorell Wright.

As I've commented elsewhere on CH, any trade from Luke/JJ prolly needs to wait out Ricky's health and minutes escalation. But I suggest this is the perspective from the FO. A ballsy maneuver would be to make the trade now. This team desperately requires a three point shooter (or two) and the floor spacing that they bring. Dorell does that. Moreover, Philly needs a PG in the JJ mold. Additionally, To cover ourselves, make acquisition #2.

2. Use the bloody D-League!

Elijah. CDR. DJ. CH knows the litany of intriguing names well enough. There are guys there that can handle the backup two position adequately. Pick the one that fits best and sign him.

3. Hold your nose and sign Birdman

Baggage? Yep. But he has been a damn effective backup big in Our League for some time. Defense, boards and garbage cleanup inside. Steamer, Wisconsin-bred lo he be, is not good at two of the three. His backup of Pek has been abysmal to this point. Bringing in Andersen shores up a ragged second unit. Get an injury exception for Malcolm to open the spot or flat out release Lou. Then again, given Colorado's recent enlightenment, Birdman may be holed up in the Gore Range, growing a serious Gandalf beard and supplied with enough ganga to choke an elephant and devouring cases of precious Twinkies. Quite frankly he may be permanently stoned and pushing four bills at this point. But you get my point: get a better big to backup Pek.

There ya have it. Nothing big. Just tweaking around the edges to basically correct some flaws as best as possible given the improbability of POBO fleecing one of his GM brethren.

On that note, take us home Craig and the boys!

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