A Musical CH Primer

Ah, the heady days of late October! This is the time of year when basketball aficionados turn their attention to the start of another season of the greatest American sport. Of course, many of the Hoopus faithful never really have diverted their attention away for even a moment. But for the people who have any sort of actual life and sense of balance in their pursuits, this is the time when they reacquaint themselves with the greatest site in Internet sports fan history. Soon we will likely see the return of luminaries such as Poor Dick, MaynHolUp, and others from their summer sabbaticals.

We also will likely welcome new commenters to the site, many of whom have observed things for a while but felt too shy to make us aware of the considerable mental skills that they possess. This post is directed at the CH "newbies" and is a mostly disorganized effort to give them some background information that should enrich their enjoyment of Canis Hoopis.

Let's start by linking a music video for the new season( do this by embedding the youtube clip in your post by inserting it as a video clip):

Just as you can link videos, you can also also link articles and webpages; ask other folks here and they will be happy to assist you in figuring it out. Be nice and don't abuse the bandwidth by posting these links on a gamethread( unless they are DAMN funny!).

It is always important to get a feel for how to interact with new acquaintances in a manner that doesn't cause misunderstandings. Often it helps to understand the history of a place so that an inside joke isn't taken the wrong way; for instance, when EIM makes a reference to PD's spouse's lack of fulfillment in the room next to the master bathroom, that is a meme that in no way is reality based. When Darth Paxton makes a comment in the form of a question about almost anything, the correct response is "No Darth!". There are tons of such memes that are in play constantly here, such as the innumerable trade proposals from Voodoo Magic. To help familiarize you, here is a link to Wiley E. Coyote's amazing CH FAQs post which SnP edited and added considerable content to.

It might also be helpful to check out this earlier Hoopus Features link posted by Wyn a few years ago that includes some of E-6's fine photoshop work as well as the Korean recipes that were a fixture during the really dark years.

You should also check out Eric's best fanposts and fanshots section from the masthead of the site, all of Tim Allen's wonderful game previews are linked there as well as some of the game reviews that Bsg007 and others posted a couple years ago, and the musical previews that Klawitter and others did last year. Speaking of which; time for a musical break:

There have been lot's of changes here at Canis Hoopus over the last few years. A great many of them were good, some of them( particularly Tim's passing) not so good. I was very concerned when Stop and Pop made the decision that maintaining this haven for malcontents wasn't providing the succor that it had before Corporate laid down new rules, but Eric and Key Dae, and now others, have done some incredible work to keep this thing going and even thriving.

Welcome to all who are new to the site; enjoy the great interplay of ideas and the otherwise smartass comments that are always on the menu here. Keep in mind EIM's rule: Be Nice! This place sometimes reminds me of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon when the puns start to fly, but there is a major difference at the CH bar, at the end of the night we will still be fans of one of worst managed teams in professional basketball. I'll end with this song:

Let's go Wolves! This is the Year(again)!

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