From 1 to 35,535: Mark Randall Q&A


You might remember Mark Randall as a Kansas Jayhawk, since he lead the team to the 1991 NCAA National Championship game (they lost to Duke). He holds the Big 8's record for career FG% at .620.

Two years ago, Aaron Lopez of wrote an excellent profile of Randall. But the reason we're talking about him here, of course, is that he played for our beloved Minnesota Timberwolves.

Mark was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions; as you can see from his answers, he seems to be a great guy and our loss was Denver's gain.

1 - I've read that you were born in Edina and lived in Bloomington, but went to high school in Colorado. How old were you when you moved away from Minnesota and do you remember living there?

MARK: I was born at Fairview Southdale Hospital off of France Ave and then we lived in the heart of Bloomington until I was five years old. We then moved here to CO. I do have memories of my earlier years in MN… mostly involving ice skating, getting my nose blown apart by a next door neighbor's 5 iron and time spent with family. Most of my extended family lives in Minne, including my sister, brother in law, my niece and nephew. I come from a large family and therefore I have Aunts/Uncles and Cousins all over the Twin Cities.

I get back to MN every couple of years or so and in many ways my heart still feels like it is home when I am there. When I got picked up by the Wolves after being waived by the Bulls right after Christmas in 1991, I was obviously excited coming back to MN for the aforementioned family ties and I was/am grateful that the Wolves organization gave me the chance to continue my career in the NBA.

2 - You were a Timberwolf from January to November, 1992, playing in 41 games. Most of that was for a third year expansion team that won just 15 games, and was your third team in your rookie year. That doesn't sound terrific, but what are your best memories of that time?


I was a Timberpuppie (they were not quite Wolves yet) for that time frame but it was only my second team I played for during my rookie year. (I know, it seemed like more to me also). I have many great memories of my time spent in the organization. My friendships with former teammates Tod Murphy and Scott Brooks continue to this day. I actually had my "career high" against arguably the best front court in the NBA at the time (Cleveland Cavs), right after I got picked up off of waivers.

I love the State of MN but my timing of being there as a player wasn’t the right mix with who they had coaching there at the time, which was unfortunate because I would have loved to have had the opportunity to try and grow as a player there, for an extended period of time.

3 - You're the Community Ambassador for the Nuggets, the team you played for 1993-95. What does that entail?

I actually oversee our Ambassador Program here and that consists of 4 former players, a former Referee who has been a fixture in the sports landscape here in CO for decades and a young man who has been a mainstay in the Nuggets lockerroom since I played for the Nuggets back in the 90’s. We are an extension of the current roster of players and because the players cannot get out as much as the public would like, we have the program in place to have continuity between the community and the team.

Mostly we are into the schools talking to kids in classrooms and assemblies but we also run clinics and attend events in support of hundreds of non-profits on behalf of the Nuggets/Kroenke Sports. I actually wear several hats within the organization including being an in arena host for game night promotions and I do some color analyst work on our owner’s Sports and Entertainment Network, Altitude.


4 - Corey Brewer played for Denver the past two years. Did you interact much with him? As you know, he's returned to the Timberwolves. Not everyone on Canis Hoopus loves him as a basketball player, but almost everyone loves his personality.

Corey is a great guy and I think a very good NBA player. He was huge for us and goes back to what I had mentioned earlier that it’s about finding the right fit with the right organization/right coach/right time, etc. He will definitely be missed around here from a basketball sense and from my Community Relations standpoint, Corey will be sorely missed as he was a gem to have out in the community on our behalf. Never seemed to be about Corey and it’s my opinion that quality translates into a solid person as well as a solid player.

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