Clippers Musical Post/ Last Minute!

With just a few hours left before the epic tilt of our beloved Timberwolves exhausted starters and highly erratic bench versus the other LA team that may soon become the favorite SoCal squad, there isn't any good reason not to post some music to calm our nerves. Anything to avoid extended minutes considering two plus quarters of Caged Lions, Darn Diengs, Shabazzums, and bi-polar JJ!

I thought it might be fun to try linking the music to the name of the opposing team, and to be honest, this is a better opportunity than when we play the Pelicans, for instance. As for the Knickerbockers, I don't want to even consider how far off the tracks that one could go...

The Clippers seem to be easy enough to find appropriate music for, such as this ska tune that is about airlines and not sailing, but let's not be sticklers for details on a tight time schedule. I give you China Clipper by the Skatalites:

As tough as tonights matchup could easily be, our front court should at least slightly edge the Clippers duo and hopefully Ricky will make CP3s life very difficult. The human pinball should be able to get out on the run and at least half of his layups should go in. It's just possible that this could be easier than long-suffering Wolves fans might suspect; in fact it could be smooth sailing for our boys:

Given the short time frame, this will hardly be a perfect post like SlowBreak's great thread from a couple days ago. No matter; the tides are rising, the winds are up, and we are sailing on:

Of course, not all voyages are undertaken for pleasure; sometimes they are crossings of horrible tragedy. Nothing this dire is at stake in the sport of basketball, but even the worst of circumstances can be made more bearable with music. I'm quite certain that the passengers of these ill-fated voyages wouldn't have considered this song uplifting at all, but it is music addressing sailing, so there you go.

I haven't a clue why the Calypso/Ska/Reggae musical style has lots of songs addressing sailing other than the proximity to water in an island nation, but my searches came up with three such tunes. This one is by a favorite artist of mine and a true giant of the Calypso genre; Mighty Sparrow singing Sailor Man.

The last of the songs I will post is the first one that came to mind when I considered Clipper music even though it is about an entirely different class of boat. It is a version of it that is admittedly not the first that might occur to you, but it would be too easy to just do the Southern California interpretation of this old classic, so I picked an East Coast version instead.

So there it is, your musical quickie for tonights game. I'm hoping that you folks will have songs that you'd like to share about Clippers, sailing, Southern California, or any other blamed thing that strikes your fancy.

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