Wolves Seasonal Mileposts: #1

82 is not a particularly convenient number for dividing into equal parts. Say a guy wants to look at the Timberwolves season at regular intervals and post a few stats. Every ten games is a round number, but leaves you with two extra games at the end. The only evenly divided way is to write something every 41 games (or about as often as Shabazz is projected to get a steal), but that's too infrequent.

So I have landed on every nine games, giving us nine mileposts throughout the season (for you Europeans, that equates to roughly 14.5 kilometerposts). Yes, we will have an extra game at the end, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Stories naturally divide into three acts; the beginning, middle and the end. And each act can likewise be divided into the same three parts. Looking through this lens at the 2013-14 season, the first act is roughly the first 27 games. And the first act of 27 games is the first nine games - which is where we stand at this moment: we have finished the beginning of the beginning.

Some points most would agree on - Love is playing at an absurd level; Kevin Martin has been better than expected; Pek and Rubio are rounding into form after a slow start; Bud and Turiaf are missed; the bench has been, unfortunately, about what we expected, though Hummel has been a pleasant surprise so far.

The team is playing better defense than feared; the first quarters have been insanely offensive, or offensively insane; and the team has been a blast to watch.

Okay, enough of my pontificating, let's see some numbers:

TIMBERWOLVES - 6-3, tied for 4th in the Western Conference


Orlando - W

Oklahoma - W

New York - W

Cleveland - L

Golden State - L

Dallas - W

Lakers - W

Clippers - L

Cleveland - W











Projected record: 6-3


Points - Love #2, Martin #6

Rebounds - Love #2

Assists - Rubio #3

Steals - RUBIO #1

3FG% - Martin #9

FTA - Love #4

Manliness - PEK #1

EX-WOLVES WATCH (Small sample size)

Beasley - .203 WS/48

Webster - .176 WS/48

Kirilenko - .146 WS/48

Tolliver - .100 WS/48

Wes - .053 WS/48

Wayne - .051 WS/48

Stiemsma - .010 WS/48

Ridnour - Injured

So, what are your thoughts about the beginning of the beginning of the Wolves season?

Speaking of the number 9 above, I leave you with this song - and brother, may it serve you well:

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