Music For The Week Ahead: Rockets, Pacers, Nuggets, Mavericks

My apologies in advance for anyone planing an epic music post in the coming days. The fact that I am pushing this musical preview through next Saturday should not serve as a deterrent for any aspiring Hoopus music posters. This venture is a Klawitter production and recently Dogpile and I have been the primary franchisees in operation. I am quite sure we could use a new franchise located in a non classic rock & americana themed neighborhood. That's right folks. I'm calling on you to offer up your voice to expand on this ground breaking venture. Anyway, to the week ahead:

Saturday Nov 23rd. @ Houston Rockets.

The Rockets made quite a splash this off season and no team that looks this good on paper should be taken lightly. Tonights tilt gives the Wolves a chance to pull ahead of them in the Western Conference and get that signature road win they have been needing. Here are a few loosely Rocket themed songs.

2000 Man

2000 Man (Kiss- live acoustic version). How sweet was that?

Insert obvious song here:

Monday Nov 25th @ Indian Pacers

I'm a fairly optimistic fan (mostly) so I am loathe to look at any match up as un-winnable. Indiana in their house seems to be about as close to un-winnable as it will get this season. Anytime we bring the Kevin's hot shooting,Corey's havoc, and Pek's smashing we have a chance. Also, we have Ricky! It's going to be a tough one but if we can keep up and keep it close the Wolves will have a chance to steal a big one on Monday. I think a Pacer is a race car?

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Daddy's Cup

Wednesday Nov 27th vs Denver Nuggets

Revenge time. The Denver Nuggets have been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. They seem to buck every trend and expectation- hell they even received good value back when they traded a star player. That never happens! This season the Wolves are expected to be solidly better than Denver and if that's true we had better beat them. This week we have our chance at home. Here are a few songs about nuggets.


Roll Another Number

Saturday Nov 30th @ Dallas Mavericks

Dallas is another team that our Wolves want desperately to finally be better than. We got the best of them already once this year but one game does not a trend make. We need to beat them again, and again, and again.... Anyway- here are some songs about horses.

Dig a Pony

Wild Horses

New Pony

There, that will take us through the end of November and past the official kick off of Holiday madness. Please share your music in the comments and start thinking about opening up your own franchise.

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