Everything is Perfect

Well folks, I think you will agree that last night our Wolvsian Kevin's defined perfection on the basketball court. At least they did during the fourth quarter- which is all of the game that I actually saw. Anyway, it got me to thinking about perfection in the form of a song. Some songs, as you know, are perfect just the way they are. Songs can be perfect in a variety of ways. One song might be situationally perfect while another might have the perfect balance of rhythm and melody. Other songs serve as perfect examples of a particular band or artist. Because judging art is not a hard science we are each free to define perfection in song for ourselves. I'll get us started by looking at a few songs that I think are perfect.

For me Tom Waits hits near perfection with the entirety of his Rain Dogs album. If you don't have this album you are missing out. If you do, you probaly haven't listened to it for a while so suggest you dust it off. I believe that the song "Blind Love" is especially perfect in it's simplicity- both musically and lyrically.

I've posted this particular Miles Davis song before and I am posting it again. Why? Because it is freakin' perfect!

Next up I will look at a song that perfectly describes one of my favorite bands. The driving bass lines, the layered guitars, the mix of pop sensibility and angsty lyrics and vocal delivery. Although I will admit that this song is not my favorite song from The Cure, I do believe it is a perfect example of their long musical tradition.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several ways for a song to be perfect. Well, like most Steely Dan songs, "Deacon Blues" is perfect from a technical and production standpoint. These guys really were meticulous in the studio. I also find this song to be perfect for cleaning the house.

Perfection doesn't just happen in the studio. Sometimes the live concert provides us with perfect version of a song. That was certainly the case with this classic version of The Band's "Ophelia".

We also sometimes find a band playing tribute with a perfect cover of another artists song. I think you will agree that this was the case with this Nightwatchman cover of Dylan's "Blind Willie McTell".

I will end with a perfect version of Neil Young's perfect song "Powderfinger" from he and the perfect back up band Crazy Horse's perfect album Rust Never Sleeps.

I'm pretty sure I could go on all day but I won't. It's your turn now Canis Hoopus. What songs do you think are perfect?

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