Thunder and Rain/ Beat Down On OKC- A Musical Post

Given my status as a franchisee of the CH Musical Post Incorporated, it is incumbent on me to produce some content for tonights epic tilt against the Oklahoma City Thunder. As Slowbreak mentioned in last weeks post, neither of us would have any issues whatsoever with other franchisees stepping forward with their favorite material and showing us for the staid old farts we certainly are. Step up boys and girls and show all of us what music you love! Till then, here is what I've got for tonight:

I could easily have done this one as an entirely Bob Dylan post; the man does thunder and rain songs like nobody's business! Slowbreak has already posted his Thunder on the Mountain song in a previous post, so let's start with breaking the taboo about posting two versions of the same song immediately. Rules; what purpose do they serve when breaking them just sounds so good?

Now that that taboo is out of the way, I not going to post any of the other Dylan stuff because as great as it is, you already are familiar with it.

If every song is really just a love song, at least one of every four is a song about rain that is about losing love. Let's listen to another Texas musician sing about rain and heartache as if she knows the territory like the back of her hand. My bucket list absolutely includes seeing her perform live.

I'm going to do two more songs by women who possess the voices of angels and a man whose voice also fits that description quite well. I suppose it's appropriate that this theme also works with the rain forecast for the next several days here on the tundra. Climate change and rain in December in Minnesota? I can't imagine that there is any connection whatsoever.

Tonights game is going to be a very difficult test of our Timberwolves and the defensive skills of our new Prince Luc, I wish I had the boundless optimism of Draco on this one. I can't imagine that there is a ghost of a chance that I'll have to do the walk down 1st Avenue in a Summer dress due to the Wolves winning the next 4 games, but be prepared to bail me out of jail if necessary. Field Day, indeed. Book your flight if the team beats Miami, Draco! Go Wolves!

Let's do a few more bluesy tunes now, starting with one by New Orleans based Walter "Wolman" Washington:

This next artist was born in New Orleans and was very influential in the early years of rock and roll. He had early success, but was likely black-listed by the studios after he won a lawsuit over royalties in the early fifties. Just prior to his death in 1981 at the age of 55, he performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Another blues musician who is credited with being very influential in forming rock and roll was born in Baton Rouge and had the Rolling Stones, Them, and the Yardbirds do versions of his songs.

Let's end with a song that is from a favorite artist around here for obvious reasons. He had an album relating to rain as well, but this song seemed more appropriate to me.

That's all I've got for the moment, what rainy day music do you have on your mind for tonight's game? It always feels better to share; show us your music!

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