Let's Call Home From Mexico City- A Musical Thread

After a tough loss to a oh so well rested OKC team last night, the Wolves will return home for a game with the San Antonio Spurs. This is the toughest part of our schedule right now with non-stop back-to-backs featuring rested teams on the second night. Thankfully we get a day off before playing the Heat at home.

We've done several posts last season centered around the three Texas teams, so I'm not likely to break much new ground here, but let's see what works for music about the Spurs. I suppose the obvious choice would be a song with spurs in the title; luckily the first popular "cowboy singer" had a couple tunes that fit the bill. Silver Spurs turns out to be too hokey for even my heavily compromised sense of taste, so we'll have to go with "I've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle":

If I haven't lost you with that one, there is better material coming, I promise! I can't come up with another spurs song, so I'll have to go with the footwear that they attach to. The fact that this song completely changes the direction of the music is a good thing, right? Of course it is.

Now that we've set out on a new course, it's time to loosen the boundaries just a bit more. It's at least conceivable that really good cowboy boots would need to be made of really good quality leather, isn't it? I knew you would agree, since a local artist is involved as well.

Since our "home" game is in a city south of the border, it seems fitting to pay a little tribute to it. It is a nice coincidence that just such a song is available, sung by a woman who has an immense amount of talent and not much popular acclaim. Let's start to remedy that, shall we?

A song that just seems to my mind to follow this one is sung by two absolute musical icons. It is such a beautiful song to boot (all puns intended). See if you agree.

I, for one, feel a grave injustice has been perpetrated on the San Antonio squad by the Commissioner and NBA. Those poor fellows have at least an hour long flight before they arrive at their away game. That is just wrong!

I propose that the NBA correct this horrible travesty of long distance travel next season by punishing the beneficiaries of this scheduling disaster. It's only right that we make it up to Timmy and Pop. San Antonio needs to be rewarded with a home game in a spot much easier to travel to; let me propose this sunny location:

Chime in everybody. Let me know if you think my proposed location seems equitable. Share your feelings about our likely romp over those middle-aged Texans! Heck, if you want, you might even share some music that seems appropriate to you. Just don't get too carried away though, you might be approached by a NBA official in charge of planning "road" games...

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