Dogpile's Steamy Christmas Challenge-You Can Call It A Musical Thread If You Want

Heads up, Hoopers! The Holiday season is upon us. There will likely be a great many different ways that you will celebrate whatever religious or non-religious gatherings this week. I'm hosting my family of ex-catholics and devout house-cleaners (it comes with being one of two brothers with 6 sisters). I've sadly missed a lot of time here recently due to insane workloads; and yes, I'm happy to have a job- I just wasn't counting on two or three to go with it. It really sucked not catching the Portland game or the Clippers OT loss. Not watching the Lakers loss sounds like it might have been a very good compensation though.

Nate has done some great musical posts for the year 2013, and TMiss, CJ, and others have also done some fun posts in my absence. I intended to do a standard Christmas musical post with lots of Soul/Jazz/R&B artists represented, but somehow the Target data giveaway seemed to make me rethink that plan. I'll just say that if corporations really saw you as a customer and not a data mine, they would make greater efforts to protect your credit information. Any company that constantly monitors every "guest" from the moment they enter the store with the intent of selling you everything they can cram into your cart can hardly plead that the cost-savings of farming out credit security mean anything other than that you are the sucker and they run the circus.

I'll climb off my soapbox now and just say that I do have one or two favorite Christmas songs that each speak to one side or the other of the holiday. Let's do the sacred first, shall we?

And now for my all-time favorite Christmas song that speaks to the profane quite nicely.

I'll skip the Bing, Dean and Burl holiday songs since we've all heard them WAY too often already. I thought in the mostly crassly commercial and usually tasteless nature of the holiday, it might be fun to pose a challenge to you musical adventurers. Here are the outlines of the challenge:

1. All music must be something either not strictly Christmas in nature, or if it is Christmas music it must be by an artist you would be unlikely to ever play twice.

2. You are allowed to do searches that include any words commonly associated with the holiday.

3. Bonus Hoopus points will be awarded if you can link a song with someone who would be expected to like that style of music.

4. Super Hoopus Bonus points are awarded if you can be reasonably sure that the CHer who you associate the song with will absolutely detest it!

That's the premise and god save us all and our bleeding eardrums. I'll go gently into this with a song that AMB would love and will have to pile up the detesting points later:

That was way too gentle an entry point, let me try to make amends for it by posting this one that is a PD song if I've ever heard one. The detest points are still at risk though as he might actually find this totally to his taste...

All right, It's time to take the gloves off. PYE hasn't posted here in a while now, but this one should speak to him in a way guaranteed to get the max point totals. I'm not sure what the term for the polar opposite of earworm is, but this has to be it.

I'd be remiss if I didn't steer at least one of these trash heaps at the guy who institutionalized these musical threads as a regular feature. I promise that this will only hurt while you're listening, Klaw!

I know, I know, the real originator of including music in posts is SnP. Don't worry Nate, I haven't left you out of this mess! You can thank me later if you're still able to find words.

I honestly am not sure that I can get detest points for this one, but I probably can because CJ isn't one to gloss over total crap at all well. This is, at least to my ears, absolutely in that category. But, what do I know, I still find myself dancing and screaming along to Foreigner's "Urgent".

I briefly thought of Mayn on this one, but the African beats were much more in TMiss's range. The scary part is that I actually have a hard time disliking this one. I'll just have to hope that Mark disagrees or is short enough on bandwidth to shoot it down without listening to it. Of course, he may already have several versions of it in his catalog...

This last one doesn't really speak to me of any particular poster so I'm going to see whether Slowbreak or E-6 will claim it as truly wrong to their senses. Both of them, as do many of you who post here, have such varied tastes that it's wrong for me to try pigeonholing anyone to a particular style of music. Oh well, for the purposes of this challenge, Hoopus points are at stake!

That's all I've got folks. Since the site supervisor is feeling ill today, I might be able to slip some of the PD material under his watchful eyes. Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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