Who's the best rebounder of the Wolves?

You've answered yet? Seems easy, yes, but maybe you can read a couple of paragraphs first and I'll repeat the question. It could be that the answer had changed by then.

The Player Trracking Stats implemented by NBA are tailored for Fanposts. The Eye Test* (C), lately, convinced me that our extremely unselfish players are helping Love with his rebounding numbersanp that his shadow is hiding Pek from the spotlight..

Any missed FT which provoke an uncontested rebound is left for Love to grab. Anytime a teammate is positioned for an easy defensive rebound jumping against Love retire hiss arms first. It doesn't bother me, exactly the opposite, but I cringe my teeth when I hear some announcers talk about Pek rebounding numbers.

If you think that The Eye Test* (C) can be fooling me ant the montenegrin is worst at catching stray balls, let's play a little bit with the magical stats from

First, let's check Uncontested Rebounds.

Uncontested REB per Game

It's no surprise that the three first positions are taken by Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and Deandre Jordan, the three contestants to best rebounder of the year. Everyone of them grab 8 plus uncontested rebounds per game. Let's search for Pek... He is the 48th wit 4.5.

-That's positioning, pal!

Well, maybe. We can measure that with REB Chances per Game.

REB Chances per Game (The player is 3.5 feet away from where the rebound is taken)

WOW, Love sweeps the competition with more than 21, but Pek only misses the Top10 by one, five chances away from his teammate. The positioning is not the only answer, then.

But... There is another team in the court most of the times, at least if you are not playing the Jazz.

So, what about the contested rebounds? The best rebounder must be a beast against opposition.

Contested REB per Game (two or more players has the REB Chance)

The sheer numbers put Kevin Love in second position by total contested rebounds and Pek shines with a seventh place; a hell of a rebounding battery we have... but there is a better reference, the % of rebounds won against opposition. Here we must use a filter to get rid of the players who contest only a rebound or two per game so let's put the minumum total chances at 10.

Contested REB Percentage (min 10 or more REB Chance por Game)

Nikola Pekovic is only bested by Kanter, Ryan Anderson and Brook Lopez. Kevin Love... Where is Love? He is 39th of 78.

It seems that his advantage is vanished and Pek now has an opportunity to win this poll. Am I right?

For me, this "competition" has shown me that Pek is the rebounder that some people can't recognize looking to the boxscores, but my Eye Test* (C) confirms every game.

I liked those new stats a lot... What about shooting?... Let's see.






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