For The Love Of Kevins-The Heat Is On/ A Musical Thread

It appears that Kevin Love may not be available for tomorrow night's game against the Miami Heat at the Target Center. We mourn the loss of his Grandmother and wish him well in coping with her loss.

I had hoped to do this last night, but too many hours removing snow that had reconstituted itself into granite slabs prevented such endeavors. The good news is that I appear to have burned enough calories to delay again any memberships in spandex colonies (health clubs) once more. This will be a somewhat abbreviated post due to an even more compressed work schedule today. I still wanted to get some thing out there for you folks to play with.

The Miami Heat are the reigning champs of the NBA and while we shouldn't hate them, we certainly don't have to Love them either. I know, groan! Let's see what music comes to mind regarding Miami and bear in mind that Google is not currently playing well with Safari and video files so copying and pasting should be an adventure.

All right! It appears that Firefox will play with Google and videos can be linked. We've discussed Lou Reed's passing and I just felt that this had to be my Miami first song.

So, the team is named the Heat, what can we do with that? Several posters have tried their best to get me to listen to the Reverend Horton Heat recently and I'm glad that they were able to convince me. Let's listen to a cut that links the good reverend with the guitar virtuosos that feature a local boy, Los Straitjackets:

There are at least a dozen bands that have recorded the song "Heatwave", most famously Martha and the Vandelas. This next one is by a band whose fame is Way lesser. I still love any sixties guitar band stylings ala the Ventures, so I'll post this to see if anyone else enjoys it.

We may as well do the more conventional version of Heatwave as well, but by another group again considerably less polished than Martha's group.

On the subject of heat; we could certainly use some around these parts. The coldest snap in the past 6 years is on us and the only advantage is that if our freezers fail we can preserve food in the back deck till February. Maybe we could use some heat from the Godfather of Soul to warm our spirits:

As my enthusiasm starts to fade as much as my stamina, let me leave you with a cut that is in my musical wheelhouse big time. Yeah, you know the true love of my musical universe is now and will always be the blues. There will always be lesser pantheons of music to soothe my soul, but nothing ever takes the place of the blues as my reason to listen:

Good night Hoopers. Post some great stuff as you always do and I'll rejoin you in the morning.

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