2nd Best Ever!

Ha you all thought this was a post about the 2nd greatest T-Wolve ever. Well that spot is already taken by my main man Doug.

3rd all time in Minutes played and stuck it out here through some bad years. Should've never gotten the shaft and traded. He deserved to make a couple playoff runs with KG when he got really good. But we did get Peeler for him. What was Vancouver thinking? Any way I digress.

The question was proposed to me this morning so I thought I would take it to the only place where people actually care about the Wolves. We are a sad bunch but we have one thing in common. We love to suffer through the Wolves every year. This site has taken a dramatic hit from the past year and a half as the bandwagoners have jumped ship already it seems. So I should get much more of a real answer………Who is David Khan’s 2nd best draft pick ever?

I think it be obvious that one Ricky Rubio is David Khan’s best draft pick ever. And the other best players on our team were drafted by McHale. I said it before McHale was great at spotting a big man in the draft. (KG, Love, & Pek). But he couldn’t spot a guard to save his life. Outside of Marbury he never really picked a good one but then again he traded Ray Allen to get him.

But this now begs the point. Who is the 2nd best pick made by our current Pobo? Here goes the draft choices he has made so far.

2009 (This was a huge draft)

#5 Ricky Rubio

#6 Jonny Flynn

#18 Ty Lawson (We didn’t pick him but I put him here to A. Show a pick he was given. B. Let everyone who wanted me to put him in the conversation know that we didn’t pick him. Denver did essentially.)

#28 Wayne Ellington

#45 Nick Calathes

#47 Henk Norel


#4 Wesley Johnson

#16 Pick Traded for Webster

#30 Lazar Hayward


#2 Derrick Williams


#58 Robbie Hummel

Personally I think this argument boils down to Flynn, Ellington, Wes, & D-Will. My take is Flynn was horrid so he’s out. The jury is still out on D-Will. Wes was almost as horrid as Flynn but he had some moments. At least he knew how to throw down a Rubioop. Personally I think its Wayne. I’m not a stat guy so all of you throwing out PER, +/-, and all these 36 to 48 minute stats I’m not that into it. Based on how he played on the court and given his draft position I would say he was the 2nd best player ever picked by Khan. Plus he’s having a good season in Cleveland based on the few times I’ve seen him. Considering Flynn is already out and Wes will be out next year I’d say Wayne can make a decent career if he can keep his shot falling from the outside.

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