Right Now - Wolves/Jazz recap

During the final minutes, while it appeared that the Wolves might be able to make a comeback, I noticed the DJ at Target Center started playing Right Now by Van Halen.

Don't wanna wait 'til tomorrow
Why put it off another day?
One by one, little problems
Build up, and stand in our way. Oh

One step ahead, one step behind it
Now ya gotta run to get even
Make future plans I'll dream about yesterday, hey!
Come on turn, turn this thing around

Seems eerily familiar to how I feel about this season... Anyways on to the breakdown.

First Quarter

Early on it seemed as if this was going to be a long game, as Al Jefferson was connecting on his first few shots. In reality, both teams were not shooting very well and the game felt very slow and unentertaining. The T-Wolves led 17-10 after the first quarter after going on a 10-0 scoring run in the later stages of the quarter.


-DWill needs to finish at the rim

-Good defense late in the quarter

-JJ and Shved subbed in late in the quarter


-Probably should be the Ridnour alley-oop to DWill, but I'm going to go with the Randy Foye air ball 3

Second Quarter

DC and Steamer joined in to start the quarter out. Many missed shots from both teams before JJ finally broke the ice with a 3 ball. Steamer was abused on offense and defense and it wasn't long before he made his exit. Wolves committed turnovers and broke down on defense, giving life to the Jazz who went on a 14-0 run. The quarter ended with the Jazz up 42-40. Overall it was a very fast first half.


-I dislike Kanter. He annoys me greatly.

-Rubio/Shved back court in effect, but effective, it was not.

-Ridnour should not be guarding DeMarre Carroll, even if it is his birthday

-There was a bad no-call on an offensive goal-tending, which of course led to Steamer being T'd up while he wasn't even on the court


Rubio saves a kicked ball from a back court violation and manages to get it to Ridnour for a 3 ball before the shot clock expired.

Third Quarter

The quarter all Timberwolves fans love to hate. Tonight was not much different, the beginning featured more bad shooting! Ridnour was the first to break the ice. It's his birthday, why not? Paul Millsap dislocated his finger early on, but it did little to slow him down after they popped it back and taped it up. Pek had a pair of sweet dunks, which counted as his first two FGs on the night. The starters were getting a good workout, but it's not like Adelman had a choice. Scoring from the bench was almost non-existent at that point.


-DWill (or any other wolf) is not able to create any and 1 situations, in spite of the many opportunities to do so

-Luke remains solid on scoring

-Randy Foye is Randy Foye, for this quarter at least (more on that later)

-Pretty ugly quarter as usual


DWill threw down an alley-opp from Rubio with authority, but I'm going to go with the second of Pek's dunks. He put the ball on the ground and split two defenders on the way to the rim and followed it up with the two-handed jam. It was a PEK-SECUTION.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter was a continuation of suckiness from the third in the beginning. JPete wondered why CJ doesn't play more minutes, and argued that he needs to play more to develop his skill set. Hard to disagree with him on that. The Wolves could not get anything going and pretty soon the Jazz were up to a double point lead. The infamous Rubio/JJ/Ridnour combo reared it's ugly head for the better part of the fourth, and the consequences were predictable. All seemed lost when Rubio decides that enough is enough and takes his game to the next level. He was an absolute magician in the fourth quarter. He did it all; rebounding, scoring, assisting and defending. The Wolves went on a 14-3 run thanks in large part to the Unicorn. There were many opportunities in the final 2 minutes to take the lead. Most notably was DWill's botched 4pt play. That would have tied the game with seconds remaining on the clock. He was just a tad strong on his shot and had to settle for free throws instead. In a sort of kick-you-while-you're-down fashion, Randy Foye sealed the deal for the Jazz with back-to-back perfect trips to the line.


-The Wolves cannot compete with many teams when they get just 12 points from the bench

-Christ Johnson did make an appearance. He was subbed in during the final 5 seconds of game time....

-Rubio/JJ/Ridnour cannot be allowed to play together in the fourth quarter if the Wolves want to win many games


Rubio. His play starting about midway through the quarter was just magnificent. I can hardly wait until he gets to work that magic with AK47, KLove and Bud. I imagine that sweet lineup, with Pek at the 5. That is a team that will win games.

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