VoodooMagic's Experiment

Well it is All-Star Break which I personally hate. I like the dunk contest and I'm pumped to see what James White has to bring, if it's anything like the 4:40 mark of this video it could be pretty cool

James White Dunks from the FT line

But I decided to run a little trade deadline experiment and post trades in other blogs around the SBNation blogosphere. Don't worry I tried to be as respectful as possible being a guest in their house. But always when I or anyone suggests a trade the reaction is: why would team x say yes?

Well I wanted to see at least what fans had to say.

If I could do one thing differently with this, I wish I would have proposed more Pekovic trades, I'm curious what the perception is of him league-wide, and as you will find out during the Jazz segment of this, Jazz fans are pretty dismissive of him.

I had them vote on the trade as well so we have some stats to work with.

Trade 1: Wizards have the pick that gets you Ben McLemore, Wolves have a pick in the 6-9 range

Wolves: Trevor Ariza

Wizards: Derrick Williams, Roy

teams swap picks

Here is a link to the fanpost:

as you can see over 60% of the Wizards fans were interested in this trade to some extent, depending on where the teams picked/maybe if the Wolves sweetened the pot a tad

1 issue that came up that I did not account for is the improved play of the Wizards lately that might keep them out of contention for the top pick to get McLemore. However, I wonder if the improved play of Williams+the improved play of the Wizards might make a Williams for their pick and Ariza a possibility without a pick swap. Like if they picked 6th maybe that would be an option, and the Wolves could then try and turn 6 and 8 into 1 or even just go like Marcus Smart and Isaiah Austen.

Trade 2:

Wolves: Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Marvin Williams

Jazz: Pekovic, Kirilenko, Ridnour

Okay, so this trade maybe not the best one for the opposing team. I have been looking at it through the lens of "Putting a competitive product on the court trumps building for the future" which a) isn't always true b) I don't even believe it always, so it was silly for me to force that company line on the Jazz and c) not every fan base is the same, Jazz fans haven't experienced as much losing as Wolves fans have so different precedents should be in place.

In saying that, if you read the comments, the love for Gordon Hayward is a little ridiculous in Jazz land. I like him and think he'd be a nice fit on our team, but some over there went so far as to say trading Hayward/Favors is equivalent to Love/Rubio. Which, I think the Rubio analogy is good but Love is already where you would hope Favors/Rubio/Hayward will be.

However, not a great trade probably from either teams perspective, although I like it from a "FO ain't gonna sign Pek perspective" but the Jazz fans hated it and I would imagine most Canis guys wouldn't like it either since it involved Pek and Kirilenko

Trade 3: similar scenario as Wizards

Cavs: Derrick Williams and pick 6-9

Wolves: Ben McLemore

in general FTS was interested in this deal but maybe wanted it to be sweetened a bit. One thing I didn't know before this is that Tristan Thompson is actually coming along as a prospect and their interest in a 4 might not be as strong. That being said a sentiment I shared with much that community is that the best "fits" for the Cavs are not in the top 3 but probably 5-9: Shabazz, Porter, Austin for example and young teams can never have enough young talent, so they largely said they are interested, but it would depend on a few variables

Trade 4:

Wolves: Tyrus Thomas and Ben Mclemore

Bobcats: Williams and pick 6-9

ROF is a little bit quiter than most the other sites, but as the voting goes it appears maybe/yes is getting over 70% of the votes

I like this quote

dont really like most of the projected top picks in this draft, the guys i like are projected around the 7th and late 20 picks. and exchanging thomas for young talent at one of our weakest positions would be amazing.

I would maybe consider doing a part 2 for this but with the amount I post on CH and adding this deal to it, I was ironically getting a little tired of posting haha. I wish I had done more deadline deals, but as I honestly tried to survey the tradescape, who would I even trade Pek for? I suppose if we aren't going to resign him I would take either Lopez, but I'm not sure there is even a deal out there that really makes sense for Pek. Maybe a Kirilenko/Pek for Noah/Deng type thing (this would probably go in pt 2) and then I don't think trading Williams at the deadline is our best move as I think it's more likely his trade value goes up as opposed to down.

Of all of these I would hover around the CHA one as they probably have the best chance of actually getting the 1st pick in the draft. If instead of Ben McLemore they could get Williams/Smart or Williams/Len they might be more interested in that

So I hope this at least was kinda a fun take on my obsession with trades. As I started doing this I really got cautious about my more absurd ones or anything involving Love, cause I wanted to keep it kinda realistic and also kinda focused on helping this specific core out

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