Pek is Man: A Min/Phi Gamewrap

Well, that one was interesting.

The Wolves made 1 FG in the 4th quarter, yet somehow defended a 9 point lead en route to a 94-87 win over the 76ers. This has to be some sort of record, right?

Pek put up 27 and 18 on 16 shots from the field. He was a man among boys, bruising his way through Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen, and even the infamous Kwame Brown. He played great help defense, had a sweet rejection on Pargo in the 1st, and even dunked. The only flaw was his FT shooting (9/15) but we'll take what we can get. With his increasingly better play, we have to wonder if Oceanary and JZ's sources are right, that Pek won't matched. I'm sure none of us want this, but the guy is getting paid, somewhere.

Ricky played well, Putting up 11/6/6 with 3 steals, although the 6 TOs were problematic. This was a nice play started by the Unicorn himself after he stole it from Jrue on the other end.

Some other random thoughts

  • Nick Young took his hairstyle out of the Martell Webster Book. Yuck.


  • 35 points in the 1st quarter was nice, but scoring 38 in the 2nd half was not. Can't keep losing the 3rd quarter battle.
  • Check out this monster dunk from MKG. Wow.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist POSTERIZES Greg Monroe | Dunk Of the Year (via McSports Man)

  • AK and Dwill coexisted peacefully tonight, with AK putting up 15/5/5 2 steals and 3 blocks, while Dwill had an efficient 17/8. Encouraging signs from the Caged Lion.
  • Bench was dreadful tonight, 5 for 22. Yikes.
  • The refs were calling everything tonight. EVERYTHING. I mean, except for Pek getting manhandled down low. But a slight hand check? Foul. Playing perfect defense? No sir, that's a blocking foul. The 2 struggling teams combined for 76 free throws, including 16 of our 18 points in the 4th.
  • James Harden had his career high tonight, against none other than his old team. 46 points on 19 shots? The Beard's got game.

That's it. Trade Deadline in about 16 hours. Doubt we're doing anything.

Next game is Friday, where we will face defeat at the hands of OKC.


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