MIN-OKC Musical Preview: The Case of the Missing Mumfords

If you are looking for Oklahoma music recommendations, we did that here.

I can't come up with even the flimsiest of pretexts to tie the music topic du jour to the Oklahoma Thunder, so I'm just going to plow ahead and damn the torpedoes.

What song has been your Great White Whale? That fantastic tune you heard only once, had no idea who performed it or what it was titled or anything else - and had no way of easily finding out?

Or one that you heard and knew what it was, but, in the days before you could google anything and find everything on youtube or for sale on eBay or streamable from Spotify, etc., could never find a copy - it was not on CD or cassette, you rummaged through used vinyl, but came up empty?

I don't know. Does this even happen any more? You have apps on your phone that listen to music and ID it for you. There's a long tail of reissues. There's so much music freely available everywhere that you can readily be distracted from any such quest.

I dunno.

But I'll share one of my longest musical treasure hunts with you in a moment. First, another example.

As a lad, I heard a song called "Psycho" on Dr. Demento's weekly radio show and loved it for being such a weird country song. But I had no way of hearing it again and so it took on mythical proportions in my mind. I spent years trying to get a copy... and then it finally appeared in, of all places, the soundtrack to a lesser Bill Murray film:

And then a version by Elvis Costello was included with the additional material on the reissued version of his "Almost Blue" CD. Here it is:

I still like the song, but after years of trying to get my hands on a copy, it wasn't like I'd found a Crystal Skull. I was satisfied, even if it was a tad anticlimactic.

I've always had a fondness for novelty songs like "Psycho." Which brings me to another personal musical mystery I recently solved. Twenty or so summers ago someone had the radio on and we heard a rap version of "Green Eggs and Ham" and thought it was hilariously cool. But I didn't hear who did the song and couldn't find out. Over the years a lot of folks have done something similar, but they weren't THE ONE I HEARD and, as far as I can tell, none predated "my" version.

At one point, I found out that a satirical folk/pop band from Canada named Moxy Fruvous did a GE&H rap and thought I'd reached my El Dorado. But then I heard their version...

Nope. Not what I was looking for.

Along the way, I saw this, which was not the song, obviously, but is still my favorite SNL moment:

Now, it's not like this quest was burning me up inside. I didn't obsessively search. But from time to time I would try to find it, asking people if they'd heard it, thumbing through used CDs, searching online. Hadn't thought about it for a couple of years, though, until the other day. And, after a little digging - voila! I came across this page. Not the whole song, but enough of a sample to confirm I'd landed my Moby Dick.

From what I can glean, it was produced by WLOL (which is a station we would have had on that summer way back when) and played only four times. Which would explain why no one else knew what I was talking about and why I couldn't find it - though the notes indicate there was some kind of hard copy release, so I can still pursue locating one of those babies, I suppose.

Anyway, that's my tale. I'd love to hear your stories of songs desperately sought and, after many years, finally found. And who know? Maybe some of us are still looking - and what better source for answers to your musical treasure hunt than your comrades here at CH?

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