2013 NBA Draft - On The Kahn-trary...

David Kahn obviously has some inappropriate pictures or video of Glen Taylor. That is the only plausible reason that he is still employed by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Had Kahn hit on only ONE of his past blunders, the wolves would be in a much different position right now. Imagine Kenneth Faried, Paul George, or DeMarr DeRozan catching alley oops from Ricky Rubio. Imagine Steph Curry providing 50 point nights at the target center in a wolves jersey. Instead of those gifted players we had the pleasure of watching Jonnie Flynn and Wes Johnson, as well as giving up on a draft pick that could have netted Faried. There are dozens of other moronic moves that Kahn has made in addition to these obvious ones, but these alone are enough to get laughed out of a job. Rubio does not trump all of the terrible moves made by this buffoon.

If Kahn is still making decisions on draft day the wolves will probably come away with Anthony Bennet or Alex Len when players like Shabazz Muhammad or Victor Oladipo are still on the board. He would probably trade away the wolves other 1st round pick for a box of donuts and convince fans how great of a deal it was. So, OMITTING laborious technical and statistical analysis and instead going on the eye test, I think a new GM could do worse than the moves below to set things up for next season (it's not too early to think about that is it??).

1) Pick #7 (just an estimate) - Take (in order) Muhammad, Oladipo, or Porter

2) Pick #26 - Take (in order) - Erick Green, PG/SG (Va Tech), Lorenzo Brown, SG/PG (NC State), Jamaal Franklin, SG (San Diego State)

Or better yet trade up from #26 to nab CJ McCollum using some of the assets we have.

3) Uncage the Lion - Keep Derrick Williams. He's not there yet but he has shown that he can improve, and has done so. With continued improvement this year and next, you've got a very nice player.

4) Re-sign Pek (no explanation needed).

5) Re-sign Bud (3 point shooting needed).

6) Sign a reserve vet 2 guard who can shoot the 3 (someone like Anthony Morrow).

Depth Chart & Rotation if acquisitions came to fruition:

PG: Rubio / McCollum

SG: Muhammad / Morrow

**Shved subs at both guard positions, possibly ahead of both McCollum and Morrow.

SF: AK / Bud

**Bud can play some SG as well.

PF: Love / Williams

**Williams can play some backup small forward as well and be on the court as a 4 when Love slides to the 5 when matchups allow them to.

C: Pek / CJ

Why it works...

These moves are ideal because they are all plausible. The draft picks would not be reaches, and those players would very likely be there for the taking at the wolves picks. We will likely not attract a high level free agent, but signing a specialist like Morrow (or someone similar) would be realistic. What do you end up with? Improved 3 point shooting, a starting SG who can create his own shot, a backup PG who can provide a scoring punch (since Rubio doesn't exactly light up the lamp in that area), and a very nice bench of players who will continue to improve (Shved & Williams). That would be a team that would not only make it to the playoffs, but would be a major threat to do some damage. Acquire a starting athletic scoring SF and a defensive specialist backup C in the following year, and prepare to soak yourself in the Spring of 2015 with champagne when you celebrate your NBA champion Minnesota Timberwolves.

But... We'll probably get Kahn-ed instead...

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