My updated favorite bands list

I have made a significant update to my 5 favorite bands of all time, this has been about 2 years in the making after I

started to be much more interested in Led Zeppelin than the Beatles

Why should you care? Well you shouldn't, but I like talking about music and I like lists and if you would like to talk

about who you think are the best/your favorites ever, I would be interested in discussing those at the moment!

1.) Fleetwood Mac (2010 ranking: no.1)

2.) Led Zeppelin (2010 ranking unranked)

3.) The Beatles (2010 ranking no. 2)

4.) Prince (2010 ranking no. 3)

5.) John Mayer (2010 ranking, unranked)

A few notes.

1) If you hate John Mayer I can't blame you. I'm a big guitar guy and I love the fact that he is a very interesting and

skilled guitar player, while also having very solid pop sensibilities as a songwriter. Also if you haven't given it a shot you

should at least give "Born and Raised" a shot. It's quite a different approach to his music, less showy, more real or dare

I say "heart" between Born and Raised and Continuum in my book he has made two of the best mainstream albums (I

simply don't listen to enough indie music to definitively say absolutely best)

2) Fleetwood Mac, for me, is the perfect band. Some of the strongest melodies and harmony parts that I have heard, I

love it that they keep it essentially pretty folky but with stadium rock drumming, and just enough hint of an electric

guitar. I think it makes for a pretty unique sound.

3) Prince. I just love RnB as a genre and I love Rock n Roll as a genre, during the height of Prince's career he was kind

of a perfect marriage between the two genre's (With Little Red Corvette being essentially that. A rock/rnb fusion). I think

it's possible he is the most underrated popular guitar player ever as well. Some of his licks and solo's he has thrown out

over the years are simply phenominal. And live he is ridiculously awesome, when he plays

4) Led Zeppelin. I have had kind of an odd development in my musical upbringing as my dad was a massive 70s and 80s

rock guy and was a "the radio will not leave KQ" type of guy. So I grew up heavily surrounded by classic rock. But never

Led Zeppelin, I've never asked my dad about LZ, but I only started listening to them in college so it took awhile to build

the history/nostalgia for me with LZ that Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Prince and even lesser acts like Boston,

Aerosmith, Allman Brothers, Jackson Browne, Eagles etc had. But now I feel like I have enough history with them to

make a definitive change to my favorite bands list and placing them above the Beatles. Why do I place them higher than

the Beatles? Cause I am a big rock n roll fan and while I love most of the Beatles catalog, Led Zepplin has just some of

the absolute best Rock songs ever. It's more my style of music than the Beatles are

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