Double Header Disappointment: MIN vs CHI/Gopher Game Wrap

Following the victory against UCLA on Friday, we Minnesotans were presented with a very rare glimmer of hope. Riding the momentum of Friday's second half, we all believed there was a chance the Gophers could pull out another upset against the Florida Gators. Well that didn't go as planned, and switching over to the Timberwolves game was witnessing basketball's cruel way of kicking us while we're down.

The Pups jumped out to a nice, quick 12-5 lead and as usual closed by being outscored 17 to 4. This was the type of game where you constantly ask yourself, "How are we possibly still in this?" We fell behind early and stayed within a 10 to 14 point deficit for almost the entire game.

With 6 minutes to go in the game Minnesota pulled within 6 and just as quickly as things are given, they are taken away, and fell back again. Like the broken record that is this season, we couldn't dig our way out and lost by 7.

So here's tonight's rundown:

  • Not a horrible night for anyone, just a better Bulls team.
  • Even Shved was able to make up for 1 of 5 shooting with some solid ball movement.
  • Air-Bud continues to show he's still got it. 3 of 4 in 19 minutes.
  • D-Will continues to prove he is nothing but points. Good shooting, zero assists. Hurts his team value, but ups his trade value.
  • Rubio's alive an kickin'. Watching him is just something else. He is the team.

Here is your daily flash:

Rubio Zips to the Cup | Chicago Bulls Vs Minnesota Timberwolves | 03/24/2013 | NBA 2012/13 Season (via TheNBASeason)

  • I can't wait to see which wing we can pick up to fly with the Unicorn next year. Ben McLemore is just a dream right now, but Otto Porter is a definite option.

And your quick Gopher recap:

Florida was simply unstoppable in the first half. No explanation for that. The Gophers, I mean Andre Hollins, fought back nicely in the second half. Then the refs joined the Gators. A couple of fouls that should have gone without calling took Hollins out of the game and ignited a 6 minute scoreless drought. After that the Gophers were simply toast. Probably Tubby's last game on the sidelines in Minnesota. A shame to think how good this season could have been.

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