Its been quite a while since I posted anything here, but I have been avidly reading, and wanted to get some thoughts on what's been in my head regarding my favorite caged king of the suburbs jungle.

So, I am starting to feel like Derrick Williams has been living up to his billing, or at least getting a lot closer, as the #2 pick in the 2011 draft. Its no secret that most people here tend to believe he still isn't worth much on the trade market, or at least nothing approaching a premium asset, but I am not so sure. Williams has shown actual consistency in his latest surge towards becoming a real NBA player, and I feel like his value could be climbing higher than some of us might believe, assuming that his level of play stays high through the rest of the year. I'm not an advanced stats guy, but I am a philosophical bullet points guy, so here is my thinking on why someone out there might be willing to part with something nice for the guy:

1. He has recently shown enormous improvement on his shot selection, ability to convert his drives to the hoop into actual layups, and overall consistency as a night in/night out scoring force. All, while still being a respectable rebounder.

2. He is 21 years old, and has shown a good arc of improving as a player.

3. He was the #2 pick in the 2011 draft (and you know how people always have hangups about a guy's draft position. GMs included)

4. He seems to be a nice young guy, who is still maturing, but far from any kind of off the court problem.

To me, this is the resume of a player that is worth a premium asset. Not a superstar, but either a veteran capable of being a top 3 option for a decent team, or a top 5-10 draft pick. Guys that get drafted #2 overall, are under 22, and show improvement to their game, are worth a lot. Just try to imagine if everything about him was the same, but he played for a different team. He sounds more valuable all of a sudden!!

Now, before anyone goes off on how Kahn couldn't pull anything off without getting fleeced, I would like to remind that he's done quite a bit better lately (Budinger was a very solid trade), and we still need to give him credit for trading Foye/Miller for the #5 Rubio pick. It is still likely the best Timberwolves trade ever. Also, there's good reason to believe Kahn might be let go in the near future, as it seems the winds of FO change are blowing. (Please God, don't leave us Rick Adelman!!!)

So will someone buy our lion? I hope so, cause he sure as hell isn't the Wolves' starting 3 next season!

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