The Blarney Stone Will Get No Kiss From A Wolf- A Musical Preview

It is the hardest part of the season with games blurring past before we can even prepare for the next, and that's just for those of us trying to keep up with musical posts! I can't imagine what it is like for Ricky, AK, Pek, DCHam, Luke, JJ, Shved, DWill, Gelabele, Christ, and Steamer. Hats off to them for trying their damnedest to be competitive in this agony of a season!

We have already done a Boston post of much of the fine music that comes from that area; I'm going to follow Klawitter's mis-direction scheme and post some music from the ancestral home of many Bostonians: The Emerald Isle- Ireland. Perhaps I should start with a song that is quite appropriately titled by a traditional band, the Dubliners:

Just to be clear, I have no intention of offering up a complete sampling of Irish music; I'm just going to dabble a bit with some stuff that appeals to me. You folks can add the Pogues, the Cranberries, and whomever strikes your fancy. This next cut puts a favorite son of Erin in a context he rarely visits; Van Morrison and the Chieftains do something traditional here:

Since I've linked the Chieftains, why not follow up with a true Irish Catholic woman singing another traditional song with them: Sinead O'Connor;

Since one can never insult the papacy enough for my tastes, here is Sinead singing a rebel song:

I'll do one more traditional song by Clannad, and then move to something a bit different:

This one may not link as embedding is disabled, but it's hard to imagine any Irish person who wouldn't relish the opportunity to thumb their nose at conventionalism. This song fits that to a T and then some! The video is Mel's little bonus.

The singer on this traditional Irish-American melody hailed from Massachusetts and does one ot the few versions of this song aside from Jackie Wilson's that I honestly love:

So there you have it, a poor man's tour of the poor man's isle; any Timberwolf fan can commiserate with the long years of suffering that those people have endured. It's interesting that the most oppressed people are usually also the most blessed with good music- maybe it acts as some small compensation for the suffering...

Post away my friends; we'll need all the music we can get after Monday's game, I'm afraid.

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