Mile High Dump-A Musical Preview

The idea for this comes from TMiss, who has posted a list of song titles in his iTunes library in response to other previews. Whatever the subject of the preview was, he would do a search and post the songs that came up. Since geographic locations have been almost entirely pored over in these threads, I thought his idea makes some sense for the Wolves trip to Denver. I searched my iTunes library for any reference to high as Denver is the "mile high city".I was surprised to find 216 returns for that search! After discarding any album titles, musician's names, or truly oblique references to high, I still ended up with 40 songs to work with.

I thought I would start with a song that I'd lost in my collection and seems appropriate for tomorrow nights tilt: For some odd reason the youtube link will not import, so here is Nick Lowe and High On A Hilltop

Next up is an urban blues number by some Chicago boys who know a little something about the blues: Buddy Guy and Junior Wells- High Heel Sneakers.

Something has apparently broken after the upgrades to the site, I'm no longer able to import youtube videos. I get an alert that states that only youtube videos are allowed to be imported. Oh well, not the first toy that has broken while I was playing with it.

The game against the Nuggets is not likely to be very close or even very much fun to watch, unless you're a Faried or Igoudala fan or enjoy Galinari hoisting 3s. Our guards will have a ton of turnovers, and without Pek our frontcourt isn't likely to have much success either. It's another one of slams against our ownership/management group that Denver can lose a player of KLoves quality and retool to playoff status in 3 years. How long ago did we lose KG again? Oh well, back to some feel better tunes: here's JJ Cale with "Ride Me High".

This next cut is by a man who can never receive enough praise; he and Les Paul changed everything about the way country style guitars were played. Many of my generation grew up on country and while there were a great many hokey and insipid "artists" in the genre, the greats of that time will always be relevant. Chet Atkins plays High Rockin' Swing. While we are in the country/folk style, this is another legendary artist: Townes Van Zandt singing Highway Kind.

I want to next do something a bit more jazzy by an artist whom Clint Eastwood attempted portraying many years prior to his conversations with chairs; Charlie Parker and Dizzy are here Groovin' High. In more of an R&B style, I found this Dave Bartholomew song in my collection: High Society Blues.

I'll end up on a couple soulful songs and hope that the fix is in the works for the youtube issues and if the fix were in to get us a win in the game tomorrow, I'd be okay with that also. A friend of mine and I saw James Carr at Wilebski's a decade or so ago and he still was an amazing singer. The only signs of his age were his inability to extend notes as long as when he was younger, but his voice was every bit as powerful as before! This is James on a later album called Take It To The Limit doing High On Your Love As my last song I'd like to play something from a man who was a contemporary of Sam Cooke and who arguably got greater acclaim, in spite of being a bit of a lesser talent. Here is Jackie Wilson doing(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher.

Hope that this is still okay for a preview, my apologies for the technical difficulties. Have at it Gang, do a search of your libraries for high music or other criteria that seems appropriate. Go Wolves, kick those Nuggets!!!


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