An Ain't In The Playoffs Lowdown Musical Postview

Slowbreak has done a fantastic end of the season musical preview, one that I really don't want to imitate or try to out do. We've covered so many cities,states, counties, provinces, and cosmos this season and so much great music has been linked. There is, however, an area of this planet that we haven't dipped our feet into yet and since I now can view and link to videos again, it seems natural to do a thread. I'm sure you realize by now that I'll use the flimsiest of excuses to post music!

I'll start this off with a blues number that everyone will be familiar with:

It won't take many guesses to determine the location I'm sending us to, especially after this next link:

That's right, we haven't covered the underground. In light of the season we've suffered through mostly, going underground seems appropriate. Blues music has a lot of material that addresses being down and even mentions 6 feet under on occasion, but we don't need to go there. There's no reason that it takes a blues musician to make you feel as if you're:

but, they just do such a great job at it that I just can't help linking their stuff.

There are, of course, many other musical styles that address the underground. For instance this Hibbing native has an underground song that was quite popular at one time:

There is also an artist, who is amazingly popular with this crowd, who sings a song that goes where we are trending:

I don't want this to get too deep or depressing, so I've found a couple little ditties that should elevate our mood. Okay, I can't guarantee mood elevation, but they are certainly in much less serious style! I'm hopeful that they will not be songs that you think are too predictable...

See? Underground isn't all serious stuff. Why there's even some old-timey songs that cover the topic:

Didn't see that one coming did you? It blindsided me as well.

Let's listen to a couple tunes that aren't blues but get into the below the ground genre. This first one is certainly a contemporary artist and someone who has had a big following for some time:

The next song is by someone who I've referred to as Godlike on this site before, and I'm sticking to that rating. This song may have been amazingly popular, but that certainly doesn't make it bad material.

I'm right up against the 10 song limit on this thread, so let me link a blues song by someone that SnP has referred to as one of the holy triumvirate of American musicians. If you are going down, this song in the hands of this great artist has to be one of the best ways to get there.

There you have it; a musical exploration of unexplored territory, at least for anyone who isn't a Wolves or Cubs fan! Feel free to point out great songs that I have no doubt missed that speak to the underground, or link to any music that seems appropriate. And join me in wishing the Lakers a rapid journey out of the playoffs and smooth sailing on their way down.

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