KAHN OUT! Saunders IN!

Rob Carr

Just heard on KFAN.

EDIT (Oceanary):

From Asch @

Former NBA head coach Flip Saunders is expected to return to the Minnesota Timberwolves as the team’s next president of basketball operations, has learned.

Saunders, 58, has been negotiating a contract that, with option years, could run through the 2017-18 season and could be worth more than $9 million over the full five years, according to league sources who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the hiring.

The move, which could become official as soon as next week, would end David Kahn‘s controversial tenure after four seasons and an 89-223 record during which the Timberwolves’ failure to reach the playoffs stretched to nine consecutive seasons. Kahn’s contract includes a team option for 2013-14 that will not be exercised.

Minnesota owner Glen Taylor and Saunders had been meeting in recent weeks, with Taylor confirming a report in March that Saunders was representing a group of prospective buyers interested in purchasing the franchise. Taylor, who turned 72 last week, has been seeking a minority investor or investors who eventually could take over majority control of the club.

This squares pretty well with one of the possibilities that we've been hearing the last couple of months, so I would say it's true.

The first and obvious result of this is Kahn is out. So....yeah. Rejoice, all ye Hoopusters.

The second result of this is....well, what happens with Adelman now? As lately as just a few days ago, it appeared Adelman had free reign to take any position within the team except owner, and had been actively debating between remaining as coach or moving to GM/POBO (factors being his wife's health, who would be the GM if he stayed on the bench, and whether he could passively watch the team rather than actively direct it (aka the Pat Riley syndrome))

The fact Saunders is being installed....practically overnight....leads me to believe one of a few things:

1. Adelman decided to stay as coach (this seems unlikely to me, as he and Saunders would clash quite a bit in terms of roster makeup. Adelman wants control over that; Saunders will not accept a puppet GM title like Kahn did)

2. Adelman is not staying

3. Taylor changed his mind (possibly because of the business/team sale side of things) and went with Saunders without regard to Adelman. Saunders was (is?) reportedly part of an investment group that was (is?) looking to buy the team.

So...oi....stay tuned. S-n-P will no doubt have more to add to this story later.

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