Successful Bucks Season is Successful

With the sound of final horn of the Bucks 88-77 loss to the Heat the Bucks cap off another successful season of 8th seed dominance. "That was a (expletive)-ing awesome ride," newcomer JJ Redick said after the loss, holding the back of his head with both hands in awe of the half season he just experienced as a member of the Bucks. "I was on a Finals team in Orlando. But I can say nothing has been as amazing as this 'Chase for 8th" he pauses for dramatic effect "Chase for 8th is just a little something we called it around the office." the pause worked well, adding the necessary touch it needed.

The Bucks final record ends up being 38-48, 10 games under .500 but general manager John Hammond isn't worried. "We're right where we want to be." He says with a twinkle in his eyes, "I built this team for one purpose and one purpose only. To dominate the 8th seed. And we dominated. Philadelphia? Toronto? King Kong? They don't have (expletive) on us." He says, pounding his chest in authority.

When asked what his plans are to improve the team, Hammond gives a blank stare. "Improve the team?" He says with a straight face, "That's not really our goal here in Milwaukee. We don't have too many assets at our disposal: Larry Sanders we aren't trading, Monta Ellis we can't trade, our draft pick though we are very excited about." He says, sipping lightly his latte, getting a foam mustache which he hilariously cleans off his face before continuing. "15 should get us a really quality bench player. just what we need to keep us arms distance away from Toronto, but not good enough where expectations get ridiculously out of control. We don't want to get too crazy here and start throwing out the words "7th seed" or anything..

"Oh we sure as hell can get the 7th seed." Brandon Jennings says when asked about the teams 2013-14 outlook. "Ipersonally guarantee we get the 7th seed or higher next year. Yung Bucks comin!!!!"

Upon being told of this quote from Jennings, John Hammond sprinted to his office. Once we were able to catch-up with him the news had broke that Jenning's contract would not be picked up by the Bucks. "That's not the kind of attitude we want in this organization." Hammond said when asked about it.

"We're at a nice place." Hammond says as we close our end of the season interview. "Another mid lotto pick. we got some promising you guys we can easily trade for more mediocre 32 year old journey men. It gets my blood pumping like nothing else."

"We 8elieve" is the new slogan here in Milwaukee.

"We believe in the Heat so much that we are willing to be sacrifices" Area Man, Jeb Flanagan, a long-time Bucks fan says. "we don't believe in ourselves. I personally can't see any reason, outside of Doron Lamb becoming the second coming of Ray Allen and Ersan becoming Kevin Love, that with the roster we have we will ever be anything more than the 8th seed. But it's not always about winning championships. It's about putting together a winning product we can be proud of. And I'm proud to be a Bucks fan."

In our follow up we found out that after reading these comments general manager John Hammond issued his new season ticket policy. 40% off to anyone who never finished remedial mathematics classes, like Jeb Flanagan. "It's important to us that success not be classified by big numbers. What's the difference between 38-48 and 48-38? We don't car about that. We just care about one number. Number 8. Go Bucks"

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