I'm rooting for 3 Wins

Sure the Wolves I would like to see win 3 games, but taking a look at the standings I'm looking for 3 wins from 2 teams

The Magic currently sit at 19 wins

The Bobcats at 18 wins

I'm not sure if it's possible, but if both teams get to 20 wins this would be the first time in 7 years that there wouldn't be a team with a win total lower than 20.

20 wins still isn't very good, but I think this is showing that the NBA is getting more rounded. Even though I am a Wolves fan first and foremost, I am an NBA fan, I basically like every team and really only root against Russel Westbrook, so the Thunder by association (and obviously whoever the Wolves are playing/if the Wolves are a legit contender I would root against their rivals).

I think it's cool to see, even with pretty bleak rosters the Magic especially (at least the Bobcats can hang their hat on some nice young talent) can say they were just bad and not abysmal. I kinda consider that 20 win mark the line between bad and brutal.

At many points in the last 7 years we have had 2-4 teams in the sub 20 win mark. We talk about FO's getting smarter and I wonder if this is proof:

1) if you add PHX (23 wins) and the Cavs (24 wins) everyone else is over 27 wins

2) there are 3 teams in contention for the 8th seed in the West

3) Unfortunately, it's looking like there will still be an 8th seed in the East under or at .500....but I might also be rooting for Milwaukee to at least get to .500. BUT the East will likely have NY and Indy finish close to the Clippers, Nuggets and Grizzlies in wins....starting to even out the East/West talent shift (even though the lower East playoff teams aren't as strong as the lower West ones.

I'm all in favor of balanced NBA. The one thing that works well in the NFL is the thinking that, even if you have a bad year, you are just one off-season away from relevance. A focus on drafting is part of how the NFL got to that place and it's starting to look like the NBA is making that shift as well.

It's unrealistic to make a league where anyone can WIN IT ALL. Even the NFL doesn't have this illusion. If you don't have a top 10 QB you don't have a great chance of winning it all.....even the Ravens had to have their QB (who was fringe top 10 at best) have a MVP worthy post-season for them to win it all. Much like the NBA, if you don't have a top 10 player and probably another one in the top 25, you don't have a good chance of winning it all....but you can, much like the Denver Nuggets, be ridiculously competitive and make a realistic run at it.

I'm curious to see where the NBA goes from here. How drafting develops in the next 5 years, how and if that changes the landscape of the NBA.

I think one big difference is in the NFL, rookies can help right away, young legs and fresh bodies make a big difference, where as in the NBA it seems that court awareness and veteran seasoning mean as much as athletic ability and talent (especially when all three are combined). So maybe it will never be a league where you are always only one year away from being really good....but maybe 2 years? Maybe you can have a 2 year reboot and be back in the hunt, not just for an 8th seed but a 4th seed or something high like that.

One final thought: I'd like to see the NBA develop it's D-League more, and maybe add a 3rd round to the draft. For instance, there are a lot of players in this draft that I think would be good value picks for the Wolves, but a Kyle Anderson for instance isn't going to help and he's going to eat up a roster spot that we could use on a guy who can fill an immediate role like Kyle Korver.

they should make like a 10-15 million dollar salary cap on the D-League and like a 25 year old age limit, so any players sent down there, their salary doesn't count against the pro-cap. So, with Derrick Williams, for example. He's starting to warm up to the CH crowd and many people have said "they'd like to keep him, but 5 million is a lot of cap space" he's a nice insurance policy for the Love thing and doesn't have as much trade value as he could have if he were to continue to develop some of his skills, and there might (note I'm saying might and not absolutely) be something weird between him and Adelman. I wish we would/have sent him down to the D-League, why not? he's 20/21, he's got some skills but needs to work on a few things. Send him down there and work on his game! Obviously it's not playing against NBA competition, but going up strong vs 6-9 people seems to be something that doesn't matter if they are D-League quality or NBA quality....size is size and if Williams were to work on that down there it might help him up here

Just a few thoughts. Didn't want to soak up an active thread. If you have any thoughts on this, shout em out!

Voodoo out

PS: Been getting into Tai Chi to help with mobility and flexibility. Weight lifting can just be murder on my former football player's body, so I got into this to help with my joints and being flexible apparently is really good for you (duh), it's been a pretty good deal. I've upped my max pull up reps from about 12-15 to 15-18 in just a few weeks of doing TC.

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