Pre Combine Draft Board

Now that we know who's in, and who's out, on this side of the pond, of the NBA draft, I thought I would throw up a tentative draft board as a monument to my own self importance slash open thread. Please chime in with your own. When we get closer to the draft, I'd like to put together a Canis Hoopus hivemind draft board.

1. Nerlens Noel. In a draft with no elite offensive prospects, the best bet seems to be the elite defensive prospect. He's a surprisingly good passer, as well.

2. Otto Porter. I like him as a Tayshaun Prince type do everything wing player.

3. Victor Oladipo. Good defender, super athletic, and a jump shot somewhere between "passable" and "completely fixed." I'll be interested to see if his dribble drive translates to the NBA.

4. Trey Burke. He's a quick, cerebral point guard who can shoot. Those guys have high success rates.

5. Dennis Schroeder. He's been shooting up draft boards since the Hoops Summit. A super athletic pure point guard with a good shot and a fantastic ability to change speeds. The only real weakness I see in his game is his finishing ability, which should improve with experience.

6. Gorgui Dieng. I know he's already 23. But, he's a really good defender, will translate to the NBA athletically, and is a very good passer, which makes me confident in his ability to contribute to a NBA offense. At the least, I think he'll be a 3rd big plus/minus all-star like the similar Ekpe Udoh.

7. Ben McLemore. Not a huge fan of his all around game, especially his playmaking ability, and the fact that he's 20 mitigates the "he's just a freshman" excuses. However, he's a really good shooter and passes the eye test. I don't think he'll star, but he'll be a useful role player.

8. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. He'll probably be okay.

9. CJ McCollum. If the last few drafts have taught me anything, it's that small school combo guards with prototypical point guard size and athleticism are often combos in college out of necessity, not a lack of playmaking ability. Anyway, McCollum should make an excellent 3rd guard.

10. Rudy Gobert. Wingspan! This begins the "run of big men I'm not entirely sure about."

11. Steven Adams. I don't think he has All-Star potential, but he looks like he'll run the floor, finish, and play good defense for the next dozen years. That has value.

12. Mike Muscala. 6'11, 21 years old, decent skill level, including a ~80% free throw percentage, good motor, decent athleticism, really good wingspan. He needs to get stronger, and he didn't face great competition, but I'll take a chance on an athletic guy that averaged 3 assists, 3 blocks, and 15 rebounds per 40 minutes.

13. Kelly Olynyk. Maybe the toughest guy in the draft to evaluate. I watch him, and I don't know if he translates. I can imagine him surviving him defensively and punishing opposing centers from the high post. I can also imagine him getting constantly destroyed in the pick and roll, and opposing defenses snuffing out his dives to the hoop. I really don't know.

14. Alex Len. He wasn't great, but he's huge, young, and playing on a crap team. He wasn't bad, either. I think he'll be a rotation big, but I'd like to see the case he'll be more.

15. Anthony Bennett. Kind of reminds me of Flipper. He's that perfect size where he has the matchup advantage on almost everybody in college ball, and almost no one in the NBA (6-7, 240 PF). Doesn't look like a great rebounder, and don't think his perimeter skills are as good as advertised. Defensively, he's kind of a mess as well. Still, he can do enough offensively to merit a mid first in a weak draft.

16. Cody Zeller. High ceiling, low floor. If everything works out, he's Bargnani with better shot selection and motor. Huge possibility his shtick doesn't work against NBA athletes, though. Like Muscala, one of his knocks is strength, which should get better, making him a possible late bloomer.

17. Jeff Withey. Stiemer 2.0! A shot blocking virtuoso, the Kansas thing makes me nervous, as do his peripheral offensive stats (ast, to, orb).

18. Lucas Nogueira. Honestly, he shouldn't be that far behind Gobert. A 7-5 wingspan and reasonably productive in the ACB, I think he'll be a good backup center, at least.

19. Jamaal Franklin. Tenacious, athletic, and really bad at pull-up 20 footers off the dribble. Put him as a secondary option on a team with a good shooting coach, and he could be a steal. He could also be out of the league in a couple years.

20. Reggie Bullock. Classic low upside 3&D guy.

21. Shabazz Muhammad. I don't think he'll be a star, but between the Ben Howland factor and the eye test, I think he'll be a good bench scorer for someone.

22. Nate Wolters. I think he's big and athletic enough to survive on defense, and seems like he can do things on offense. Will probably be a good backup, at least.

23. Andre Roberson. We know he'll rebound, play tough defense, and be extremely limited offensively. Sometimes, that's enough.

24. Michael Carter-Williams. I'm averse to Syracuse guys and point guards who can't shoot. That said, if he figures it out, all of the peripherals are there. High bust potential, but a possible high reward pick.

25. Sergey Karasev. He can be a NBA shooter. Does he have the athleticism to do anything else on the NBA level?

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