Hoopus Roll Call

Ok not really, but kind of. Our steady leader has tendered his resignation and is taking a well deserved internet break. We should all be so wise. Anyway, in case you missed it the announcement and subsequent accolades can be found here.

Like many of us at Canis Hoopus I have long appreciated Stop-n-Pop's insight, dedication, knowledge and wit. These qualities will be sorely missed. It is, however, another quality that I will particularly miss- a quality that I believe has ultimately led to Canis Hoopus being what virtually stands before us today. The quality I refer to here is that of inclusion. Like many of us readers Stop-n-Pop proved to be an individual with a wide range of interests. Basketball is, of course, the interest that brought us together but it was the robustness of topics here that has kept us together. Man cannot live on basketball alone. In order to thrive he needs bread, and beer, and cooking tips, and politics, and tranny porn and music. And then he needs more music.

Oftentimes Stop-n-Pop contributed directly to fulfilling these other needs other times his contribution was more subtle- he allowed it, encouraged it and appreciated it. From time to time the criticism that "this is a basketball blog and other topics have no place" has been hurled but every time it has been a non starter. Canis Hoopus has always been about more than basketball- at least it has been to me.

Sure Canis Hoopus is a top notch place to discuss the upcoming draft, potential trades and how much Pek deserves to be paid. The truth, though, is that even if this is the best place to discuss these things it is far from the only place. If this site changes or crumbles into the sea there will still be places to express disgust over Kahn's inevitable five year extention after trading up for the right to draft Shabazz Muhammad. It is these other intangibles that could go missing. A bumbling poster once stumbled upon the following definition of Canis Hoopus:

Canis Hoopus is a nifty place to discuss a wide range of topics because of the varied collection of smart people treating each other with respect around the the common bond of rooting for the Timberwolves.

I for one think this is a concept worth fighting for (or at least hoping for- this is after all the internet). To the next moderator of Canis Hoopus I offer up this- thanks, you will be appreciated but please don't limit us to basketball. We have built relationships here that are not limited to basketball so neither should be our discussion. Also, we sometimes swear and make jokes about smut. Sorry about that. The swears are not that bad really and don't worry about the smut- we are all expert interneters and know where to find that kind of thing on our own just fine. We don't actually want it here either (this point may ring untrue depending upon your smut threshold- we can hammer this line out in time as needed). Anyway, thats it. Many of us like it here and hope it remains a vibrant and relevant community to discuss Timberwolves and other topics for a long time. Thanks SB Nation for hosting- now please don't change us.

Quick shout out to Oceanary. You are also much appreciated and I hope that however this change shakes out it is favorable for you. I don't think I like super hero movies or the show Community as much as you do but what does that have to do with anything? Nothing. Thanks and keep up the good work.

And to Stop-n-Pop: Thanks for all you have done to build and maintain this community. Thanks for your writing and insight and thanks for being open and interested (and interesting) in a variety of topics. Thanks also for the recommendation to try Trieu Chau- it has quickly become a SlowBreak family staple. Here's wishing you the best in any and all of your future endeavors. Cheers!

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