Yes, I'm the New Canis Hoopus Site Manager

OK, OK, enough already. I'm no Stop-n-Pop, but I'll do my best to keep this place as smart and inviting as I can. With your help.

40 plus years that life has been trying to teach me a lesson: shut up and keep your head down. I guess I still haven't learned, and as a result I have been named the new site manager of Canis Hoopus.

Actually, I'm thrilled. Those of you who have been here for a while know how much I value this place and the community we've built. We owe a ton of thanks to Nate, who I hope will make a return to the site at some point soon.

The goal is to maintain Canis as the best place for Wolves (and beer, music, politics, etc.) conversation on the web. We still want to be the neighborhood bar. Having spoken with Seth Pollack, the NBA league manager for SBN, both on the site and off, I think that SBN's goals are good ones.

Ultimately, we want this place to remain a terrific community centered around the Wolves, and also to attract new readers and participants. The gods know I'm sick of all of you new voices are always welcome. Two things we are going to do a little differently to achieve this:

One you probably won't notice much has to do with how we headline stories.

The other has to do with the amount of content we add to the page every day. Hopefully you noticed last week a slight increase in the number of stories published on the site; the intention is to draw new readers. I don't think this will prove to be a huge change, but you might notice somewhat more activity. (An example of this is the post I made on the O.J. Mayo rumor; in the past we may have let that play itself out in the comments, but it seemed juicy enough for a separate post).

One of the ways I hope to accomplish this is by recruiting some new writers. One of difficult things for Nate, I think, is that there were never enough regular writers on the site. Especially after we lost Tim, it all fell on Nate and Key Dae. I'm hopeful that we can bring in a couple more people to contribute to the site. Key Dae (happily) will be continuing on as editor and contributing articles when he can.

In addition, I hope we can reinvigorate the Fan Post section. There are so many smart people who post here who have interesting things to say. I think fan posts haven't quite recovered from the re-design, but I want that to change. I will be eager to move quality fan posts to the cover, and I encourage everyone to not only write fan posts but to make sure you read and comment on them as well.

Finally, I beg for your patience. I have a lot to learn. Just getting proficient with the technology will take me some time, and finding new writers and getting into a rhythm will be a process.

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or insults, please let me know either in the comments section or via email; you can find my address on my profile page.

Thanks to everyone.

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