NBA Draft Combine Wrap-Up: Wolves Looking at Wings

Steve Adams under the lights at the combine - USA TODAY Sports

The NBA draft combine just ended. What happened there and what were the Wolves up to?

The Chicago Draft Combine was the big news over the last couple of days for teams whose seasons have ended. We have discussed it at length in various threads over the past couple of days, but I thought I would collect various links and interviews here for discussion and safe-keeping.

The Wolves currently have a lottery pick most likely to be 9th, the 26 pick, and two 2nd rounders: numbers 52 and 59.

So what do we know?

According to Darren Wolfson, the Wolves contingent at the combine was:

Flip Saunders, director of operations Rob Babcock, director of player personnel R.J. Adelman, development coach David Adelman, European scout Zarko Durisic, American scout Milton Barnes, and operations assistant Matt Bollero.

Among the players the Wolves spoke with were: Alex Len, Ben McLemore, Shabazz Muhammad, Otto Porter, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Michael Carter-Williams. It seems clear from their list (they wanted Victor Oladipo as well but couldn't get him) that the Wolves view shooting guard as a clear area of need. At least they got that much right.

One of the things every player does at the combine is get measured is a variety of ways. Rudy Gobert is tall. Shane Larkin is short. How tall and how short? Draft Express has the measurements in a convenient table which also allows you to compare measurements to past years.

Most of the players also do athletic testing, where their speed, agility, and jumping ability, are measured. That information has been trickling out today, but has yet to be collected in any one place. It will eventually be entered into that same Draft Express database, but for now, here is an image of the top 20 scorers in each test.

Couple of other links:

Sam Amico writes that the Hawks and Lakers may be looking to move into the lottery.

Twitter feeds worth checking out: Steve Kyler from Hoopsworld and USA Today, Chad Ford from the 4 letter, and of course Jonathan Givony from Draft Express.

Plenty more reactions to the combine to be found all over the intertronz.

Let's end with some good stuff: interviews! Plenty more to be found on Draft Express, YouTube, and elsewhere, but here are three Canis Hoopus faves:

First, Victor "I'm a weird dude" Oladipo

Next, C.J. McCollum

Finally, Glen Rice Jr.

My view has always been that other than interviews and maybe measurements these events do more harm then good for decision makers. Already making the rounds are rumors about this guy rising and that guy falling based on their combine performance, and while some of that is bullshit, some of it will prove true. Making decisions based on these artificial conditions is unwise.

However, the combine happens every year and every year it has an effect. So what did you notice? If you have any good links emanating from the combine, let us all know in the comments.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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